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Dadeye cover
Studio album by Sonnyboy
Released December 2003
Recorded The Green Barn Portland OR
Length 28:18
Label Amorphous Records

Dadeye is the debut and only album by Sonnyboy.


Dadeye is the debut album of Sonnyboy, which is the solo musical project of Joe Cunningham (who previously played saxophone with Organic Mechanic). The album was sold through Amorphous Records, as well as a number of Oregon record stores, in 2003. The album was limited to 100 copies on Amorphous Records' site, however it is unknown how many copies were sold. Downloads for the songs "What a Shame", "Step Outside Your Circle", and "The Less I Care" were made available on the website.

All mentions of the album were removed from the Amorphous Records website at some point between February and April of 2004 for unknown reasons.

Website description

Sonnyboy is the solo outing of singer/songwriter/sax player Joe Cunningham [Organic Mechanic, 5 Fingers of Funk]. This album moves nicely between satisfying pop songwriting, trancey jazz moments and aggro rock attacks, alternately evoking good vibes of The Police, The Pixies, and The Flaming Lips. Limited edition of 100 copies!


No. Title Length
1. "Go"   0:38
2. "Ball"   2:06
3. "Everything Is Fine"   2:14
4. "What a Shame"   2:54
5. "Change Your Mind"   0:38
6. "Step Outside Your Circle"   4:33
7. "I Could Be Wrong"   1:00
8. "The Less I Care"   3:17
9. "Clownsong"   3:46
10. "Parasites Pariahs"   3:54
11. "Spidermonkey Suicide"   3:07
12. "Mass Movement pt.1"   1:28
13. "Goodbye"   0:43
Total length:


  • Joe Cunningham – guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, tenor saxophone, vocal, writing
  • Talbott Guthrie – drums, percussion
  • Daniel Lamb – trombone
  • Katie Presley – trumpet
  • Annie Harkey – cello
  • Jeff Baxter – organ
  • Doug Smith – vibes
  • Patrick Finn – guitar, bass
  • Scott Pemberton – bass
  • Nate Cronin – electric piano
  • Rebekah Kassell – vocal
  • Dana Colley – baritone saxophone
  • Steve Pardo – writing
  • Tom Nunes – mixing, mastering
  • Deborah Fortino – wood sculpture, sketch
  • Jon Knowlson – photography
  • Andrew Fillmore – layout

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