Daniel Brummel and the Contraband

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Daniel Brummel and the Contraband
Background information
Origin Pasadena, CA
Years active 1997 - 2005
Label(s) Tornado Recordings
Website http://www.dbcontraband.com/ (now defunt website)
Current Members
Daniel Brummel
Former Members
Patrick Edwards (2000-2004)
John Ritchie (unknown)

Daniel Brummel and the Contraband was Daniel Brummel's solo project until 2005s Speak Easy.


Two albums have been released under the name Daniel Brummel and the Contraband along with a handful of demos during the years the project was active. In the source code of the DBCB website, the band was labeled as an "ozma spinoff".[1] Members included the titular Daniel Brummel and friend John Ritchie who would help with saxophone and flute. Ritchie would join Brummel again on 2003s Spending Time on the Borderline to play saxophone on the song Eponine. Daniel also considered his laptop a member of the band, even giving it the name "Napoleon Dynomite" on his website in 1999. During the recording of the DBCB cover of Devotion for Making Noise: A Tribute to Weezer, Brummel was joined by Ozma drummer Patrick Edwards who played drums on the cover.


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