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The Enlightenment Tour was Weezer's 2002 summer concert tour in support of Maladroit. Though taking place only a few months after the last tour, the Enlightenment Tour was different from the previous ones in many ways. Especially a new stage design with pyrotechnics and random setlists.

More bands than ever before were opening for Weezer on two stages. The side stage was either located at the same venue or at another venue nearby. The opening acts on the main stage were Dashboard Confessional and Sparta for the whole tour. The Strokes were scheduled to open on five dates as a third support act but had to cancel due to an injury in the band. The line-up of the side stage was Loudermilk (for the first half of the tour), Rooney (for the second half), Home Town Hero and AM Radio. For six shows The Special Goodness were also performing on the side stage.

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