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Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Yeastmaster Pt. 2
Recorded Summer 1991
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 84
Producer(s) Weezer
Status unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Hello Men and Boys"
(RC# 83)
(RC# 84)
"Who's the Bitch?"
(RC# 85)

Galactus is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in 1991. A seventeen-second clip of the song was released as part of the digital compilation Alone IV: Before Weezer. Previously, a scan of the lyrics had been uploaded by Cuomo. The song is, presumably, inspired by the Marvel Comics character of the same name. According to the Recording History, the song was recorded to 8-track in the Summer of 1991 while Cuomo was living near the Stoner Ave. apartment as part of the "Yeastmaster Pt. 2" demo tape. Reportedly, Cuomo later destroyed the master.


Lyrics for "Galactus"

Honey-o-bunny-o-mommy-o what's the ride?
Funny-o-baby-o-daddy-o what's the ride?
I've run to Babylonia
I've crossed a million streams
I've loved a zillion mountains
And I've drank up all the seas
My name is Galactus
My name is Galactus
I'm as bad as bad can be
Kitty-o-tittie-o-video watcha' gonna do for me?
Open the box -- hear the boom! Watcha' got in store for me?
Betcha' better know my name
If you don't it's all the same
Cuz' I'm gonna tell you now
Momma said tell you now
My name is Galactus
I'm as bad as bad can be
Young man went down to the river
Looked me up and said to me, yeah

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