Getting Late

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Getting Late
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded 1990

Getting Late is a 4-track demo recorded by Rivers Cuomo in 1990. The tape is currently in the possession of Karl Koch.


According to the Weezer Recording History, the songs featured on the demo were recorded in late spring through summer of 1990, while Cuomo was living at Poinsettia Place in Los Angeles. Karl Koch briefly talked about the tape while showing off his collection during a "Vault Dive" with the Weezer Fan Club Facebook group on August 2, 2020. Several songs from this demo tape were listed on the demo storefront on in November of 2020.

Track listing

  1. "Dear Woman"
  2. "Fuck Beat"
  3. "Spinal Jam (Where Are You Pussy?)"
  4. "Suck My Hot Poker"
  5. "The 4th of July"
  6. "Hit the Jungle" "Cheeks Mogli"
  7. "Till There Is Nothing Left"
  8. "I'm Falling"
  9. "Just a White Boy"
  10. "Shine"

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