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Cover of the first volume
Author(s)Manabu Akishige
Genre(s)Comedy and Drama
PublisherWeekly Young Sunday
Publication dateDecember 20, 2007 (First Chapter)
Media typeManga

Go-On! (ゴー・オン!) is a Japanese manga series created by Manabu Akishige.


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The story of Go-On! revolves heavily around a high schooler named Rika Nagano gifting the main character, Ryo Katase, a signed copy of Weezer's Blue Album, prompting them to become closer romantically. At the same time, Katase meets a student named Yomogida who asks him to form a band. It was published from December 20, 2007 to January 24, 2009, and has a total of 4 volumes and 30 chapters. It was serialized on the weekly manga magazine Weekly Young Sunday, eventually receiving full hardback copies. Reportedly, Rivers Cuomo has read the manga and enjoyed it.[1]

Marketing for Weezer (The Red Album)

Volume 2 OBI advertising The Red Album's release

The story's serialization started shortly prior to the release of the 2008 Weezer album, Weezer (The Red Album). The manga helped market the album's release in Japan, with the main characters appearing on advertising posters, and with some volumes including obis which promoted the album. Akishige would work with the band on the promotional EP Troublemaker Remixes and the Mexican release of Six Hits, both of which included the two main characters of Go-On! on the back cover, listening to The Red Album.


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