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This is an example of a Song lineage box
  • Demo 1 (1995)
  • Song 2 (1997)
  • Album track 3 (2022)

The Song lineage template is used for denoting songs that share musical elements (melody, chord progressions, but not lyrics). Because Weezerpedia catalogues all known demos in the Weezer repertoire (and its adjacent bands), it is helpful to note where songs share a figurative family tree.

The Song lineage template takes the form of a yellow box that appears under a song page's Infobox. It lists the songs in a shared lineage in chronological order with accompanying dates (for when the song was first written) in parentheses. If multiple songs written in the same year, that cluster of songs may be alphabetized instead.

Song lineage boxes should not include individual recordings or sketches that are not considered substantial enough to warrant their own articles. These should instead be listed in a song's respective Known recordings table.

The listing of songs in a lineage implies intent. That is, the shared musical elements must be intentional on the part of the songwriter. Songs that merely sound similar, without an acknowledged link between the songs, do not qualify as part of the same lineage. The re-appropriation of musical elements should be obvious and/or the connection must be corroborated by the artist.

Examples of what IS a song lineage

  • The songs "So Low" and "Mansion of Cardboard" are obviously part of the same lineage. The songs are practically identical aside from the lyrics. Songs with the same or nearly the same instrumentation but wholly different lyrics are designated by Weezerpedia as separate songs with their own respective articles (except in cases where the title remains the same, as in the case of songs such as "The Victor").
  • The songs "Hey Domingo!" and "Peace" do not particularly resemble each other, but share Catalog O' Riffs #371, and are therefore part of the same lineage.
  • The verse melody featured in "Byzantine" has appeared in several demos since the 1990s, and the bridge melody originates in a demo from 1992. Though some of these demos are not interrelated, they share a similar convergence point ("Byzantine") and are therefore part of the "Byzantine" song lineage.

Examples of what ISN'T a song lineage

  • The demos "C'mon Siobhan" and "Peace and Quiet" utilize the lyrics "Turn the beat up and down / Mesmerized in the sound," but bear no significant musical similarities.
  • Some have pointed to the song "Thank You and Good Night" as containing a section that resembles the melody from the demo "Volunteers" (eventually used for the Van Weezer track "The Beginning of the End." Songwriter Rivers Cuomo has not commented on this similarity, however, and the fact that the melody had already recently been used on an official Weezer track makes it plausible that the melody was reused by accident, and not with intent.

How to create a Song lineage template