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L-R: Ray Lemieux, Marvin Huffman, Mikey Welsh, Brian Hill
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts
Years active 1986-1995, 2014-2017
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, Grunge
Label(s) Monolyth, Island Records, ABW Records, CherryDisc Records
Current Members
Ray Lemieux (guitar, lead vocals)
Brian Hill (guitar)
Marvin Huffman (drums)
Former Members
Mikey Welsh (bass)
Eric Hill (bass)

Heretix was a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that featured former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh.


Heretix was formed in 1986, originally consisting of members Ray Lemieux, Brian Hill, Eric Hill, and Marvin Huffman. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Heretix was more focused on a hair/glam metal sound, releasing two albums and one EP before the arrival of Mikey Welsh. Mikey went on to replace Eric Hill in 1993 for the album The Adventures of Super Devil, joining the band on an East Coast tour of the United States earlier that same year.[1] Mikey was noted to have led the band's sound further into the punk and grunge genres. The band continued touring up until June of 1995. Shortly after the end of the band's initial touring career, the band members had started to lose interest with each other, leading the group to fall apart and Mikey to go on to form Jocobono later in 1995.[2] The band started a 19 year hiatus, only returning to play a reunion show sometime in 1996.[3] In 2014, the band's original line-up (apart from Eric Hill) returned to play multiple reunion shows[4] up until 2017.


Studio Albums


  • A.D. (1989)

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