Historic event: 05/12/1992

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wacky Hollywood rock band party!

...This was a going away party for weezer's fellow band Wax, who were embarking on their first tour later that night. This party took place in an apartment at 1443 N. Fuller in L.A. and was an unusual event in that it was attended not only by a big pile of freaks, but also by every member of Weezer and Wax, Pat Finn, Handsome Jack [seen in various Jackass episodes], and P.J. Clapp [AKA Johnny Knoxville in recent times]. It was basically a giant disco dancing party, back before it became unhip to be retro. It is mentioned here mostly due to the fact that video was shot during the party, thus affording us some pretty funny pix. Rivers had a nice premonition when he predicted mid-party: "if nothing else, this is going to be excellent blackmail material!"

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