Historic event: 06/17/2000

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bakersfield fan account

Review of 6/17/00 show in Bakersfield, CA

I and two friends drove from Las Vegas to California to see =w='s first two shows back. This was the second of those.

This is easily the strangest venue I've ever seen Weezer play at. It was literally held in the basement of a pizza place. A few hours before the show, we were putting gas in my car and ran in to Pat and Jen Wilson. This was a cool experience. If anyone gets the chance to meet her, Jen is really nice.

Later on at the venue, Rivers was eating in the restaurant area. I think Mikey also came upstairs and had some pizza. I know a bunch of fans were bothering Rivers while he ate and he ended up leaving early.

Luckily we were at the front of the crowd because the layout of the venue would have made it almost impossible to see from the back. Mikey was more animated this night than on his first night...but he still seemed pretty nervous. It was a really good show. Plenty of Blue and Pinkerton songs and also a few new ones which I really enjoyed. They had played Dope Nose the night before but only played it in soundcheck this time around. I remember that I thought My Brain was particularly good and probably my favorite of the new songs that night. Rivers was really into it. Plus, he had the blue-era bowl cut which provided a nice bit of nostalgia (he had that girlish long hair when they left in Aug. 97).

After the show, each band member except Pat went out in front of the venue and signed autographs. They were all really friendly. I felt a little bit bad for Mikey because Rivers and Brian were swarmed and Mikey just went by himself and smoked a cigarette after signing a few autographs.

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