Historic event: 08/23/1992

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a moment in time

...this photo [below] was taken at 1443 N.Fuller #206 in Hollywood, which was occupied from march 1992 - summer 1993 by [at various times] Pat Wilson [who also lived both next door in #205 sometimes], original weezer guitar player Jason Cropper, Pat Finn, future weezer.com webmaster Karl Koch, the mysteriously vanished Takashi Hasegawa, JBD3, and Darrin Pfiefer of Goldfinger. This apt was in a huge building, and there were many rock neighbors, including bands Wax and White Zombie. Here we see Takashi and Darrin Pfiefer of Goldfinger getting ruff and tuff. On the wall in the background can be seen a whole bunch of weezer flyers - this was the start of karl's collection, which grew exponentially over the years and survives as a whole to this day to be posted in the super-chrono.

one of these guys would later pick up and accidentally drop Conan O'Brian on television.
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