Historic event: 09/26/1996

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fan account of whiskey show

This was the first of Weezer's back to back nights at the Whisky right after the release of Pinkerton. I remember listening to the record almost constantly for the 2 days between the release of Pinkerton and this show so that I would know all of the words (plus it was an awesome record worth listening to even without a show coming up). Unfortunately, I was still in high school at the time and was only able to attend the first of the two nights at the Whisky.

Around this time I was obsessed with getting the best possible seats to Weezer shows and started a string of around 10 =w= shows where I was always the first in line (now that they play big venues all the time I don't worry about it so much). Three members of the band Teen Heroes showed up next. For those of you somewhat familiar with the band, Jesse has a really big Weezer tattoo on his bicep. Anyway, we sat around and listened to tapes of that dog., weezer, etc.

The show was amazing. All of Pinkerton was played. There was a tremendous amount of energy from the band that night. This is probably my favorite venue so it made it even better. Rivers coming out and playing Butterfly with Karl on the drums was a really cool part of the set.

After the show I went outside and found that my car had been parked in a restricted area and had been towed. I managed to track down Mykel and Carli, who I spoke to a lot online around that time. They were really great. They helped me track down where my car was and I eventually ended up getting a ride from the Teen Heores folks to get my car back. While I was waiting for a ride, Mykel and Carli introduced me to Karl. He was really nice and talked to me for a little bit....I had just gotten the fanclub underwear shirt (look in the weezines to find it) and he thought it was pretty amusing, if a little weird.

And that's my take on the 9/26/96 show.

--thanks to joe for the fan account!

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