Intellectually acquired emotionally volatile concept

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Intellectually acquired emotionally volatile concept, or IAEVC is a method by which Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo has previously written songs. This method, along with many others, was part of The Encyclopedia of Pop, in which Cuomo dissected popular rock songs to help write his own. In the booklet for Alone 2: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, Cuomo explains that "I Admire You So Much" was written using the "Intellectually acquired emotionally volatile concept". He explains the writing of the song as well:

"On September 5, I conducted experiment #333, the method being Concept '(IAEVC)-Incipit-Melody-Guitar-Develop-Tea.' 'IAEVC' was an acronym which stood for an 'intellectually acquired emotionally volatile concept.' It meant that rather than waiting to be overwhelmed by a feeling to write about, I would calmly search my mind for a subject which I knew had the potential to inspire emotion in me."

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