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01/06/03 woman with the sweet lovin' better than the white line

...a nice mention in the 1/5 sunday funnies, but sadly the joke was pretty bad...[thanks to many for the scans!]

...some year end stats, placings and notes: updated 1/12 and 1/21

- Rolling Stone magazine Reader's Poll '02: Maladroit = #8 album of the year, Keep Fishin' = #2 video of the year, and Weezer = #2 'Best Rock Artist' of the year. As seen in issue #915 [Shania Twain cover]

- MTV2 Europe's Top 100 Videos Of 2002: Keep Fishin' was #2 ahead of Nirvana's "You Know You're Right", and below Queens Of The Stone Age's "No One Knows".

- Pollstar's top tours of 2002: Weezer made #57.

- Ireland: radio show "Tom Dunne's Pet Sounds" awarded Maladroit #9 in the Best Albums of '02 countdown.

- Denver, CO's Channel 93.3, top 93 songs of 2002: #19 Keep Fishin', #22 Island in the Sun, #31 Photograph, #34 Dope Nose [fan voted]

- Austria's radio fm4, year-end charts 2002: dope nose #23.

- Norway: Keep Fishin won 1st place in an internet fan poll. "it was held by the national broadcaster, and the results were presented in a radioshow."

- Slant Magazine: "Buddy Holly" has been included in their list of the greatest music videos of all time.

- Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan' "The Sheaf": Maladroit #7 album of 2002. "If you tell me you don't find that song with the muppets in the video one of the catchiest songs of the year, I call you a liar. A dirty, stinking liar. Maladroit is another keeper from the Weez who now, officially, is one of my favourite bands that will consistently record a good album." ---Mark Ferguson

- Toronto's 102.1 the edge: Undone #73 on their top 102 songs of all time; 2002 Year In Review: Dope Nose #13

- San Diego's 91X, Top 91 of 2002: Dope Nose #8, Keep Fishin #32

- Vermont/Albany/Montreal's 102.7 WEQX: top 102.7 songs of 2002, Keep Fishin' #20, Dope Nose #45, plus Weezer got third place for best concert of 2002.

- San Francisco: Live 105's top 105.3 songs of the year: Keep Fishin'- #25, Hash Pipe- #34, Dope Nose- #56

- Providence RI's 95.5 WBRU: Top 95 of 2002 countdown: Photograph #81, Dope Nose #46, Keep Fishin' #29; plus Weezer voted #2 band of the year.

- WFNX (101.7 Boston MA, USA; 103.7 Providence, RI; 92.1 Manchester NH, Portland ME, Portsmouth NH); on 100 Large: The Biggest Songs of 2002: 'Keep Fishin' #83, 'Dope Nose' #57.

- Dallas, TX- KDGE 102.1 The Edge: on the Adventure Club's year end countdown: "Slob" #30.

- Kansas City's 96.5 the Buzz: top 96 songs of 2002; Dope Nose #47

- Netherlands: on Dutch radio 3FM: 'Buddy Holly' was voted #371 out of the best 715 songs ever. [Number 1 was Metallica with 'one.']

- Chicago's WRDP DePaul University's best singles of the year list hits airwaves Jan 26th, expect a high placing for "Dope Nose".

-kslg 94.1's top 94 of 2002: Keep Fishin' #69, Dope nose #49.

- Rochester NY's WBER 90.5's end of the year countdown [listener voted]: Keep Fishin' #10

- Columbus OH: CD 101's Top 101 of 02': Island in the sun #93, hash pipe #85, photograph #69, Dope Nose #26, Keep Fishin' #6.

- Channel 93.3's Top 93 Songs of 2002: Keep Fishin' at #18, Island in the Sun at #23.

- L.A.'s KROQ 106.7 Best Songs Of 2002: #34 for Keep Fishin and #90 for Dope Nose

- NYC's K-rock's top 92 of 2002: Keep Fishin made # 67

- Houston, TX's 94.5 KTBZ's top 94 songs of 2002: #33 Dope Nose, #73 Keep Fishin.

- Seattle's 107.7 The End top 107 of 2002: #27 for dope nose and #50 for keep fishin.

- Radio 104's top 104 songs of 2002: "Dope Nose" #48.

- CIMX (89x) Detroit top songs of 2002: Dope Nose #50, Keep Fishin' #70.

- NYC's Q 104.3's "Out Of The Box", had "2002's Best In New Music" on 12/29, with picks by DJ Jonathan Clarke. Included: Dope Nose.

- Q101 Chicago's 101 best songs of 2002: #89 Photograph; #67 Dope Nose; #45 Keep Fishin'.

- 99.1 WHFS Baltimore/D.C.'s Top 99 of 2002: Dope Nose #43, keep fishin' #72.

- Australia's Triple J Hottest 100 list has heavy weezer potential, if the Net 50 results in the past months are any indication, thanks to fans' online votes. Vote now for the final 2002 standings!

- In contemporary fine art magazine Artforum's "Best of 2002" issue, critic Dennis Cooper named Maladroit no. 7 on his list of top ten albums of the year. "I love how Weezer's genius evades the radar of so many otherwise savvy rock aficionados."

- Rolling Stone mag's list of top albums of 2002 included "Maladroit". And on RollingStone.com, Maladroit made its way into the critics picks of 2002, in John Luerssen's list at #8: "Former nerd rockers resuscitate metal chops from their youth and fuse it to singer's killer melodies. End result? An 'Ace' album for your next kegger."

- Spin magazine lister their top 50 albums of 2002, and Maladroit came in at #6. Spin Reader's Poll '02 results: Winner - Best Live Act. first runner-up - Best Band . First runner-up - Best Spin Cover.

- Buffalo News Next Mag annual music awards: winner: "Best Emo Band".

- Meanstreet Mag's top 20 albums of '02 list includes Maladroit squeaking in at #20, with kind words.

- Germany's Noize.cc: nominated "Keep fishin'" as the video clip of 2002. Poll ends on Jan 17th, online voting here.

- Canada's Chart Attack readers poll results: Second place for "International Golden Toque Award" (Best International Album), and 1st place overall for the "Thank You Much-Ly Award" (Best Video) for "Keep Fishin".

- New Jersey's "At the Shore" weekly entertainment mag voted Maladroit the #1 album of 2002.
"Why is Maladroit our No. 1 album of the year? Because it's the most fun for your buck that you're going to find."

- The Des Moines Register picked Maladroit as #3 album of 2002. "The flagship band of "geek rock" reimagines itself as the bastard child of Kiss and AC/DC...These aren't just the guys who wooed MTV with smiley-faced anthems "Undone-The Sweater Song" and "Buddy Holly" in the early '90s, nor the ones whose famously dark and difficult sophomore album "Pinkerton" inspired thousands of introspective mopes to pick up guitars. No, these chords come big and crashing, the hooks seize you by the throat, and Rivers Cuomo's lyrics tickle the ear with their oblique charm."

- Kerrang! mag's Albums of the Year: Maladroit #13: "At 39 minutes and 43 seconds long, Maladroit might well be the finest record Weezer have made. You're reminded time and time again just how stunning an outfit they really are....."

- punkhardcore.com's 2002 review includes "Maladroit" as one of the "9 cds that don't suck".

- dotmusic.com's annual rock awards gave "Man of the year" to Rivers: "Weezer oddball Rivers grew a beard and danced with puppets this year but on the plus side he and his band made it four classic albums in four attempts. The most consistent rock band of recent times both on record and live, Cuomo is one of rock's true characters."

...press bits n pieces...

- Juxtapoz's Art of Rock magazine (special album cover art issue) features PINKERTON in their "500 greatest record covers of all time".

- 'elle girl' magazine is having a 'Who is the hottest lead singer?' poll on their website. Rivers was winning as of 1/12!

- it had to happen sooner or later: Rivers makes the National Enquirer! The cover date is Jan 7th, with a Tom Cruise/Kelly Ripa cover ["Tom Calls Off Wedding"]. The pic is in Mike Walker's column, with a tangental weezer mention inthe article. First time for everything...

- In the February 2003 issue of Playboy theres an article about ATMs selling concert tickets entitled "A $100 Withdrawal and Weezer Tickets", but no further mention of the weez. Odd...

- on penny-arcade.com, the character Tycho says "I went to Sourceforge because I needed a single file. And I was very happy with the file I got. But, like some Weezerian sweater, once tugged something began to unravel, revealing a deeper hunger for files that I shudder to relate to you now." [hmmm, sounds like what happens on our a-v page!]

here is a breif bit about the Spike Jonze/Adaptation/Happy Together story that was also reported on here in the corner a few weeks back.

- from Brazil: "some weeks ago a Weezer concert won on a program called "Comando", in which people vote for a concert they want (there are always three possible concerts)." [this concert has been suspected as the same "GP" show as on HBO Reverb in the states]. --- -=|©.ß.f.|=-

- check out the new issue of the e-zine PunkLives, released yesterday. Weezer is the band of the month and there are several articles.

- another e-zine, macaroonshindig is having their yearly awards, and is opening up nominee suggestions online for fans to nominate bands/people/events they think deserve recognition. So far weezer has been nominated for "...Mind Opening Album (Album of the Year)", Song of the Summer ("Keep Fishin'"), Music Vid ("Keep Fishin'"), Tour (Enlightement). Check it out, place a vote or two, and all that.

- and yet another e-zine, bumrock.com' year end "Best Albums of 2002" poll results: winner: Best Song Of The Year, AND #2 song of the year; plus Maladroit #5 for best albums of 2002.