Karl's Corner - 01/11/2013

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2013/01/11 Australasia Tour 2013: Auckland, New Zealand: Vector Arena


Today marks only the second time Weezer has ever played in New Zealand, the last time being way back in the 90's on the Pinkerton Tour. It feels great to finally be back here! It's a shame we cant just hang out here and look for Lord Of The Rings locations out in the countryside, but theres only so much time on the ground here, and ancient underground dwarven cities take time to explore. Anyway, there's hardly anything to do in Erebor anymore, plus the neighborhood has really gone downhill what with the orcs and all. By contrast, Auckland is a bit more modern and is a great city with good food, no demons from another age running around </nerd>, and everyone has been extremely friendly here.

Opening tonight are 2 bands, Australia's Cloud Control, who just turned in a fine performance, and New Zealand's own Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who are presently rocking out. Cloud Control will be joining us for all the Australia shows too.