Karl's Corner - 01/13/2013

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2013/01/13 Australasia Tour 2013: Brisbane, Australia: Brisbane Entertainment Centre


At long last the Weezer train has stopped in Australia! 16 years is far too long to wait, but the much appreciated patience of the Australian fans is finally getting rewarded. Tonight we are in Australia's 3rd largest city Brisbane - or we were when we were at the hotel - now we're actually at an arena built way outside the city for the Commonwealth games some years ago. Eh, whatever works!

Opening for the Australia run are Ball Park Music, a talented band who just finished playing (causing favorable comparisons to the Fray to get tossed around), plus Cloud Control who have just taken the stage with their semi-psychedelic dreamy Shin's-ish harmonizing and 60s keyboard sounds (including a nice cover of the B. Surfers' "Pepper" somehow worked into things).