Karl's Corner - 01/21/2003

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01/21/03 how far we gonna go back? way back! back into time...

note: see the 1/6 report below for some additions to the list of '02 awards + etc.

...DVD: The way things are looking now, the Weezer DVD isnt likely to be hitting stores till sometime in the spring. The hold up is mostly due to what has turned into a very long process of 'clearing' all the footage, that is, making sure its legally okay to include. This is the part where certain bits might get red-flagged as impossible to use, and other bits just get the gangsta-rap video style pixelation blurs. Theres so much different footage being used from so many time periods in the band's history, that the clearing process is gonna take a while. Cross your fingers...

...in this time of "no news is good news" (no, really!), random oddness just keeps cropping up. Someone tried to sell Rivers' Harvard I.D. on ebay, and before you know it, the auction was reported on yahoo and CNN Headline News! [""Say it Ain't So": Singers Harvard ID for sale on Ebay, $1k"]. Now... that's random!
...meanwhile, peeps apparently keep peepin' the Rivers around L.A.. fan Brittany [shandi04] writes "i was walking out the door [after a Rooney show in Hollywood], and my friend spotted rivers in a corner surrounded by fans...i yelled 'thanks for the music, rivers!!' and he said 'you're welcome' and turned back to his little corner. everybody was ambushing him and he had to hide in that little corner..." And more recently, some people spied Rivers manning the DJ Booth with Kevin from AM Radio, between sets at an AM Radio show in L.A. Were they seeing things? these folks certainly dont think so.

...also, even though it was never released as a single, some spotty reports of "Take Control" getting some airplay have cropped up. [And why not? Let the rock free!] Over in Ireland, the song hit #3 in the Phantom FM airplay charts before mysteriously vanishing the following week. Phantom FM is a pirate radio station in Dublin. While over in San Francisco, listeners reported hearing it on Live 105, during DJ Jared's shift. Jared: "this was one of the best songs off of Maladroit, [it's] hella good, [I'm] surprised that it never became a radio single. Well we'll make it a radio single dammit!"

...and what about the music? Well, this is not to say there isnt musical activity these days, on the contrary there is plenty. Both drummer Pat and guitar player Brian have their own albums in the works and they are set to drop 'em in your hands in the next few months. [for details keep an eye on their respective band's websites].

...so, how far we gonna go back? way back! back into time...1991! See the Super Chrono for the 'tip of the iceberg'; some interesting old stuff has been added to 1991. Soon a LOT of new stuff is going to appear in the 1992 section, and it will continue up thru the years toward 'modern times'.

...and heres the latest word from fans around the world...

- new website: weezer.ca. This site features loads of Canadian only content, including forums, irc chat, canadian bootlegs, Canadian media articles, and lots more.

- new website 2: weezerosos. This is a brand new fan site from México, designed to be an international weezer fan club.

- new website 3: weezer database. This is a fan database system, by loggin in and registering you gain access tot he contact info of all the fans who have registered. Its a new way for weez fans to get in touch.

- Brazil: Weezer tribute concert report: "the weezer tribute concert we put on [in Rio] was awesome. the place got really crowded and everybody had lots of fun. we built the traditional =W= out of cardboard and those little christmas lights, switched guitars before songs - according to their original tunings -, and the lead singer dressed up like rivers - well, he had nerdy glasses on. we played a pretty long set with 18 songs, including tracks off of all four albums plus a couple of b-sides. people were singing along to every tune. it was a real blast. i wish we had taken pictures, but at least we video taped it...here's our setlist - which we printed in weezer style, of course. :) jamie / el scorcho / don't let go / island in the sun / getchoo / say it ain't so / knock-down drag-out /o girlfriend / photograph / undone / why bother/ in the garage / smile / christmas celebration / keep fishin' / surf wax america / only in dreams / my name is jonas." ---daniel

-Virginia: upcoming Weezer tribute concert info: "My band MSG is hosting a weezer tribute show in southwest Virginia. We’ll be playing a variety of songs including the B-sides. If you’re in the Roanoke, Blacksburg, Radford or anywhere in the East Coast area come out and support!"
Bands: Carrion, The B Team, M.S.G.
Date : January 23, 2003
Where : Ton 80, 215 ½ Main Street, Blacksburg, VA
When : 9:00pm
Cost : $2 over / $3 under
Flyer: here

- Houston, TX: proposed Weezerfest:
all details are in the planning stage. An original date of Feb 1 has been pushed back to an undetermined new date. According to Robin the organizer: "we have a cover band, or we think we do. we were gonna have 2 cover bands but one band said no because they wanted a big show, theyre getting pretty big. the other band is a ska band, which could be very interesting. this is going to be such a cool weezerfest! Weezerfest Houston at the Marq*e on february ??? from about 2-6 (not exact on times yet) and afterwards we may head down to fitzgeralds." Contact: Robin W. at weezer_girlie@hotmail.com or PM at weezer*chicken.

- true story #1:
"These events happened this New Year's Eve and all names have been kept the same as I've absolutely nothing to hide. This New Year's Eve my girlfriend was forced to cancel our plans and attend a party being held by our school's (The University of Tennessee) geography club. As a good gesture I was also invited to attend but thoughtfully declined as I then proceeded to poke fun at my girl as I stereotyped the kind of party a Geography club would have. (you know...ringing in the new years looking at maps and topography charts just isn't my bag). My girlfriend knows that I am a huge Weezer fan. Rarely a Christmas goes by that I don't receive something with a Weezer type theme to it...so it was my surprise when I got a phone call from my girlfriend around 11pm to find out that their 'Geo. party' was being held at BRIAN BELLS FATHERS HOUSE. If I would've had a gun I would've shot my foot off. I had the chance to view some Weezer inside stuff...photographs, pictures, heck, she even said that Dr. Bell's office was done entirely in Weezer memorabilia (namely a lunch box and some framed albums).....and I blew it because I didn't think a geography club was cool enough to be graced by my presence. So I would just like to say that I was bitten on the butt by the karmic bug and would like to formally apologize for any stereotypical things I've ever said regarding any and all academic clubs and the people therein. I'm sorry." ---Sincerely, Adam T.

- true story #2:
"This happened in South Jersey, Friday, Jan 17th....
So I'm walking to my car from work to get my cigarettes, which I left in there by accident, for break and I see someone at my car. So I quick got out my cell phone and called the cops. I figured there would be enough time since the person was still trying to pick my lock. About 8 minutes later ( I timed him ) He finally opens my car door ( bad lock picker he was ). I'm starting to get worried it's been almost 10 minutes and the cops are nowhere in sight and I don't want to go up to this guy because he could be concealing a weapon. Just as that thought goes into my mind 2 cops cars roll up. I point out my car as the guy starts running and told them that the running man the was villan. They caught him in no time. now to the good part. He took nothing out of my car except my cd book and [he] bothered to take apart my c.d player to get my blue album c.d out of it. The only c.d.s in my cd wallet were all weezer c.ds (mixes etc) and 2 deftones c.d But he left my Rancid c.d and various other cd.s on the passenger seat. Ass****. Oh yeah I also got to smoke my cigarette on break. So rest assured there will be no more missing weezer c.d's"- Dann01 from the message boards.

...and finally, the strange case of the "Gilmore Girls".
by varying accounts, on a recent [1/14] episode of this WB show, character Lorelai either said:
"what do you think of the house? i mean, probably too modest for korn, but i think WEEZER'd be pretty comfortable."
"This may be to modest for Korn, but Weezer would love it."
"It might not be good enough for corn but i think weezer would find it comfortable"
"I'm not sure if Korn would be happy here but Weezer might be comfortable."
"It's too modest for Korn, but Weezer would be comfortable."
"Too casual for Korn, but just right for Weezer."
"It's pretty modest for Korn, but Weezer'd be pretty comfortable."
"weezer would have been more comfortable."
...note: the correct quote is not requested, (and, in fact, if submitted will be ignored.)