Karl's Corner - 01/23/2013

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2013/01/23 Australasia Tour 2013: Perth, Australia: Perth Arena


All good things must come to an end, and this is true today, the final show of the Weezer Australasia Tour 2013. It's only been 3 weeks of travel but its created a lifetime of memories for the band and the fans of 3 countries alike. Everyone agrees that this was a fantastic and fun tour and we all hope we can return to all these cities (and more) soon.

Tonight's gig at the surprisingly cozy and welcoming Perth Arena (arenas are not known for feeling cozy and welcoming but this one was no ordinary arena!) was a cracking good time for all involved. Thanks again to Cloud Control and Ball Park Music, who both kicked some major ass every night. Its a real treat when every band on the bill is a pleasure to listen to. We hope to cross paths with both these bands again!

Thank you fans of Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia, and thank you to everyone on the weezer crew, staff, and management for working tirelessly, and everyone at Chugg Entertainment who put the shows together and helped us rock every day.