Karl's Corner - 02/05/2003

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02/05/03 why not phone up Robin Hood...

...the press, where news travels fast:
Some keen-eyed fans spotted a recent L.A. times article containing some fresh comments from a certain lead singer. Fans comments. Meanwhile, in the new Rolling Stone mag [#916, Beatles on cover], similar ground was covered with a pretty funny photo. And our fave news source, CNN Headline News apparently mentioned this very website today, in connection with the tragedy of STS-107 and Commander Willie McCool. ...Folks, a little word of warning: youre gonna have to keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, as theres going to be weez news coming down the pike from all sides, and it wont necessarily be hitting the 'ol corner! Keeping your feelers out on the magazine racks, tv, and the web is advised...

...Please see our links page for updates - many new additions scattered throughout.

...some CD justice?
If youve ever felt a bit 'nipped' by high CD prices, you are not alone, and a nifty little refund is only a few clicks away! Check out the Music Settlement.com for an online claim form that entitles you to anywhere from $5 to $20. Its easy, and if youve bought *any* CD's in the last 7 years, its yours for the taking!

...this persons got it allll planned out... [Feb 14th: 11th =w= anniversary + "International =w= T-shirt day"]
"...The joy inside of me overflows as Happy Weezer Day approches. Some may call it Valentines Day, and some people are idiots. Good people know that Feb. 14th is Weezer's 11th anniversary. Over a decade of arse kickin music! My friend and I are having an all out celebration by partying in her basement, a Weezer shrine, going to Hot Topic and buying matching outfits then scanning iron on weezer stuff to them, and making bedding with weezer on it. We're also posting flyers on the walls of our school to announce the happy day!" ---Berkeley C. of PA

...Yet another Weezer tribute cd! This makes 5 at last count! The rumored "Weezer String Tribute" is a reality, its called "Come on and Kick Me", and you can check it out here. There are preview mp3s of several tracks available too.

...tribute show report:
"I was at the Blue Weezer Cult show (The Annual Cover Band Contest at First Avenue Night club on Jan 29th, 2003... i thought bWc rocked with respect for both bands! Here's their set-list:
1. This Ain't The Summer of Love - BOC
2. ("Barracuda" by Heart intro into) Buddy Holly - Weezer
3. Burnin' For You - BOC
4. Jamie - Weezer
5. (medley sorta) - Don't Fear the Reaper/Sweater Song/Burnin' For You [reprise]
While the band didn't win (1st place was a case of Night Train fortified wine!), they were a crowd pleaser. Other bands included SHeart (Heart cover band), Panel Of Experts (Dead Kennedy's Cover band), Nuns 'n' Roses (GnR Cover band) and Plate 0' Shrimp (Pretenders Cover band)." ---Michael N.