Karl's Corner - 02/14/2006

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02/14/06 it was 14 years ago today

various, photography © 2006

...happy birthday to Weezer! on this day 14 years ago in 1992, The founding members of weezer started their first rehearsal in Los Angeles's TK Productions facility near the 405 freeway. 3 days later they emerged, starved, excited and with a practice tape to document what they got down. Its been 14 years since that day, and its been a hell of a ride so far. No matter when you discovered the band, thanks for all your support, though the (mostly) great and (occasionally) not so great times we've had together. Without you, weezer is nada.

...Well, as we all know now, U2 cleaned up at the grammys, including the best rock song category which "Beverly Hills" was nominated for. Ah, well, you can't win 'em all. The nod from the rock cognoscenti was appreciated anyway.

...as we settle into February, it's probably become clear to the fans that the '05 holiday treat is in limbo until further notice. I promise - you WILL get something cool, be it the original idea or a substitute plan. The big mystery is when, which I have no control over. Apologies to all for having 'built it up' all for nothing, it was never my intention for this delay to happen. At this point it could be days, weeks, or months before I know whats up and can get you something rad. Stay tuned...

...reminder - Rivers interview in Blender magazine, including Q+A with fans: It's online here. And keep an eye on The New York Times for a new Rivers interview, possibly as early as Thursday 2/16. Rivers also did an interview for Integral Yoga Magazine recently, this should be hitting the stands by spring or earlier (it's a quarterly). He's also scheduled to do several other interviews soon too, so when we have the info it will go here.

...Wow, 'Perfect Situation' is *still* #1 on the Modern Rock chart! Were in week 4 and counting...

...Fans in The Netherlands can now purchase "Perfect Situation" as a digital single (download), the first country in Europe to release the single in any format so far. Shout out to Michael V., who is "playing the song every day on my show MetMichiel, broadcast every night on 3FM."

...weezer fansite link shout-out: Today (weezer day) is the relaunch of fansite titan weerez.com. This site is the result of a content merger and subsequent upgrade from the original weerez.com and the '05 phenom site weezer.se. Weezer.se is now a fully Swedish fansite, while Weerez.com is handling the role of "king of the fansites", for now and hopefully for a long time coming! (But dont count out 'across the weez' either!)

...and after perusing those fresh new up to date pages over there on weerez.com, you might be saying to yourself "man, weezer.com's got more than a few moldy old pages tucked away over there! When are they gonna update 'em? And what happened to the once ever-expanding Super-Chrono anyway?" Well, I've been saying these things to myself since the spring of '05 when they swapped us over to the new server and system, and I went on the road and never had a chance to update any of the 'deep content' all year. Such updates are finally possible again and (weez willing) will be coming asap, and as for the super-chrono, my motto is now "by hook or by crook, im getting this stuff back online! Aaaahhh!"

...cute mini-fan alert! In honor of the band's birthday, we have a pair of cutie-pie weezer fans for todays photo. (Large size picture link: here.) On the left side is Tyler, rocking it out in style on a plastic appparatus (sent in by Brian E.), and on the right side, not even able to flash a weezer sign yet, is newborn Jonas Clark L., sent in by Jason L., his papa. (Jason also asks "I am trying like crazy to find the single to my name is Jonas. Any suggestions?" ...Jason, if you ever turn one up, its gonna cost you a lot more than a bag of diapers! The Canadian only "Jonas" promo CD single is possibly the rarest weezer CD out there, I hate to say. Good Luck (with baby and cd!) and rock on!