Karl's Corner - 02/25/2006

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02/25/06 third man in

Sean Murphy, photography © 2005

...hey folks,its mid winter and things are mellow for the time being. Ive been getting some weezer.com pages updated. At the moment the only thing that youll see new on the site is that the contact/F.A.Q. page has been updated, and the "old a-v list of past offerings" page has been reuploaded to link from the contact page. Coming soon: recording history pages - just about all of them are getting revisions and additions, and the long-missing 'recent years' will be added soon. Then other long sleepy pages will be tackled. Still seeing what I can do to get a new exclusive media treat up, now that the holidays came and went without the treat i promised then. Im jumping thru hoops but Im sure we'll have something new and cool at some point. Also the tech folk tell me that there is finally a NEW new server system they want weezer.com to switch over to, that will be similar but a significant improvement over the current system. Im hoping that means better bboards, but it's a wait and see situation for now.

...the rumors are true: Make Believe will have a 4th single, and its "This Is Such A Pity"! This is the first time any weezer album has had a 4th single, and while many fans would argue that all the weezer albums could have had 4 (or more), its a nice sign of support that its happening now. "Perfect Situation" is still doing quite good, actually, at #4 on Modern Rock, #20 on iTunes, #35 on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs chart and the video still getting played on Mtv, Mtv2 and Vh1 - and in fact it hit Canada's MuchMusic top 20 countdown last week. But now "Pity" is a go, and it hits alternative radio next week, with 'official' add dates for March 6. As always, your requests and support are welcomed and appreciated! UK/Euro fans - looks lke no Perfect Situation retail single. If we hear otherwise it will be posted here. And no word yet on 'Pity' as a retail single. (...pity my quickie Pity art!)

...today I did a 'chat-room interview' with fan site Across The Weez. At some point they will have a transcript up there. They asked some very good questions and I did my best to explain some of the current weezy issues.

...Listeners to Love Line on the 22nd may have noticed that Brian Bell was one of the guests, along with his buddy Scott from Ringside and who else but Fred Durst(!) Brian has been helping Ringside out recently with some L.A. area shows, playing guitar with them, and while it wasnt very easy to hear his guitar in the mix over the radio, he and Scott busted out a nice redition of Ringside's "Criminal" before joining Fred to try and help Dr. Drew with the usual slew of crazy calls. Sharp eyed fans have noted from a Knoxville based article that quoted Brians mom that he, like Rivers, is continuing his education during the break. Brian has often taken classes in the L.A. area when the band hasnt been touring, and is a voracious student of music, english and even drama at times. But thats just one more reason Brian's the man. (and kudos to weerez.com for keeping on top of things!)

...the fans keep recording weezer covers, but instead of sending in tapes or even trading mp3s anymore, theyre starting MySpace pages to display their efforts. Heres a new one...