Karl's Corner - 02/27/2003

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02/27/03 ICPE 1704 TKS

. . . F R E E Z E . . .

...well, not really. But Karl's Corner is going on a break until further notice. This news report that you're looking at right here will remain up indefinitely. All pre 2/27/03 news is available in the super-chrono.

Meanwhile, the rest of weezer.com will remain fully active. Any *massive* breaking news will be displayed on the frontpage, any tour info that eventually comes down the pike will immediately show up on the [soon to be enhanced + improved] tour page, your ever lovin' bboards remain in full swing, all the info pages will continue getting updated, with special attention coming to the Equipment History and constant additions happening on the Super-Chrono. [a huge thanks to all who have sent in their '92-'99 concert stories so far! All of your stories/pix will be added asap!] Additionally there will be onging updates and maintenance to the discography, Recording History, tabs, links page, fans stuff pages, and extras, like the Stoke Factor. In short, weezer.com will continue to be updated all the time, just not on the Corner for a while.

Also, the mailing list will continue to send out any special news and announcements when we get them.

Currently weezer drummer Pat is doing some fine work right now with his band The Special Goodness. His album came out March 4th both online and in many record stores nationwide. Check his site for tour info! Meanwhile weezer guitar player Brian also released his own Space Twins album on May 3rd. It looks to be online mail order only release at first, but that should change. See his site for the latest on that biz, plus some Space Twins touring info! So check this stuff out if youre looking for some great music to tide you over!

Weezer has been doing things a little below the radar for a while now, and thats going to continue for some time. While you may not see activity here on the corner for a while, you may indeed spot news in magazines [both in print and on the web], and on tv. So keep an eye peeled, and share your discoveries with fellow fans and bboarders.

As of 2/27/03, the most recent weez-related articles were spotted at:
The LA Times [unfortunately now into pay-only archives]. [Fans reacted here.]...
Rolling Stone mag #916 [Beatles on cover], a short article.
Mtv.com - article here. [fans reacted here, noting that the text article mis-quoted Rivers's soundbites a bit]
Replay Magazine - latest issue [includes a "24 essential albums" article which includes The Green Album] includes a short, speculative and somewhat silly article ["Re-Knitting That Sweater"].

Keep on the lookout for the album 5 info you crave, it could come from anywhere. there are a ton of great fan websites out there, and an army of weezer fans scouring for the latest info. Between the various excellent fansites and the official bboards and the many other bboards, there shouldnt be too much trouble tracking down the info you might need.

The DVD is finally into the refinement stage, after a lengthy process of clearing footage and double checking everything. It will soon be into the 'architecture' phase at last, and its release date will be revealed as soon as its known. Unfortunately there is no way to tell about when its coming out, but we're hoping for springtime at this point.

While many may be wondering, there is currently no point in asking when the Corner will re-activate, because this info isn't known at this time. For now, have a little faith that weezer's got some good stuff on the way, and keep your eye peeled for news from all possible sources! Thanks to all for your unbeleivable support that has gotten weezer and weezer.com to where they are today. Your support means everything, and it won't go unrewarded!


...a re-post in case ya missed it: looking for your true stories...
The following goes for those of you who have seen a weezer show between 1992-2000 [anything from the early days up till the rc solo stuff in boston, the 2 '98 GP shows, and the summer 2000 shows]. OR, if you KNOW someone who attended any show in that time period.

I am looking for TRUE, original and real stories of fan's perspectives on these shows, including interesting pre+post show events, meeting the band, etc. These tales will be added to the super chronology weezer history pages under the appropriate dates. This also goes for any [true + real] non-show encounter with the band or its individual members from '92-'00.

So, if youve got a story to share, email it to karl. As with the fan accounts that were used in karls corner news stories from 2001-now, the person who wrote the account will be credited [unless you want to remain anonymous] .....and thanks!

...random stuff round-up/wrap-up!

[be sure to send in any funny/interesting weez related stories/art/pix, they will all be shared on the fans' stuff pages!

...letter of a distant week:
"Hi, uh are you guys a punk band or a ska band?" ---Jacob H.

...MuchMoreMusic Canada: in the "Listed" show honoring bands video 'careers', Weezer placed #2 overall, second only to Madonna.

...Australia: In the Triple J Hottest 100 list for 2002, Keep Fishin' came in #24, Dope Nose #73. This is a nationwide online vote.

...WXEG, Dayton, OH - "Thee New Rock of 2K2": #104 "Keep Fishin'"; #93 "Dope Nose"

...WHFS (Baltimore/DC): "top 99 HFS artists of all time" Weezer #37

...Indiana's WTTS - top 50 songs of 2002: "Island" #34

...Toronto's Edge 102.1: - top 102 alternative songs of all time as selected by listeners - "Undone (The Sweater Song)" #73,

...90.5 WVBU in Lewisburg (Bucknell University radio station) - ROCK SHOW countdown for the top 10 songs of 2002 - "Keep Fishin'"#2; Maladroit made the top 8 albums of '02.

...Ireland's "pet sounds" top 59 singles of 2002 - Keep Fishin' #8!

...Lion and The Witch EP still eluding your grasp? L.A. area residents take note that Benway Records in Venice is well stocked!

...on 2/20, WGRD 97.9 in Grand Rapids, MI played a weezer 11th anniversary rock block: dope nose, undone, and buddy holly.

...on 2/14, S.F. station Live 105's DJ Ally decided to have the 20 minutes of air time devoted to weezer in honor of their anniversary. She played Undone, Dope Nose, the highly requested El Scorcho, and the 8 min "Only In Dreams"!

..."Do you know how many famous musicians have gone to college and still made music? Rivers Cuomo from Weezer is going to Harvard. Touching someone's life through music is a wonderful gift, like a golden thread going between you and your audience. If you focus all your energy on your music you may reach a degree of fame. Those who combine their gifts with education can have influence and that is real power." ---angel Monica, on last week's "Touched by an Angel,"

...apparently Rivers is going to be named "Sexiest Band Leader" in the upcoming April issue of "Elle Girl" magazine...

...the votes have been officially tallied, and Weezer has one the Macaroon Shindig Award for "Best Video Short with Music Accompaniment" (Best Music Video).

...There is a new contest going on at weezed.com, check it out!

...There were a lot of min-celebrations across the land on or around Feb 14th, for "International Weezer T-Shirt Day". People were sharing their local experiences on this bboard thread. Thanks for all the nice stories recieved!