Karl's Corner - 02/27/2006

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02/27/06 new balance

Sean Murphy, photography © 2005

..."This Is Such A Pity" radio mix error alert: Some fans went to download the new weezer single "This Is Such A Pity" on iTunes recently and they heard a mix that sounded wrong: the last chorus was the same as the first ones - in other words, no special lead vocal action like on the album version. Well, we now have it directly from the source that that 'weird' version is an ERROR - what's going out to the radio stations and what should/soon will be avail on iTunes (etc) WILL have the proper last chorus and all that jazz. The label is hard at work nipping this problem in the bud as you read this. So remember - if you hear a "Pity" with a funny sounding last chorus - it's not "the radio mix", its an error. The actual correct radio mix i havent heard yet, but from what i understand its only slightly sonically different from the album version.