Karl's Corner - 03/21/2013

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On-Sale Now - the weezer cruise 2014


the weezer cruise 2014

February 13 -17, 2014 - Jacksonville to the Bahamas

Fans of Weezer, boats, parties, rock and roll, and fun --- we’ve got you covered big time next February! We are super excited to announce the Weezer Cruise 2014 is now on-sale! Head to http://www.theweezercruise.com/ for all the on sale info you will need to book your cabin and sign up for what is sure to be an amazing voyage! We will be announcing more and more details as we go, including all the other great bands and special events and activities that will be happening as we sail from Florida to the Bahamas!

Head to http://www.theweezercruise.com/ for all the details and see you aboard.