Karl's Corner - 03/29/2013

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2013/03/29 Nagoya, Japan: Punkspring Festival: Club Zepp



With all the show announcements and Cruise announcements going on, it might have gotten overlooked that we have arrived in Japan for the Punkspring Festival series! We've got 3 rock shows lined up for the next 3 days here, and all are multi-band extravaganzas. Today we are playing at Zepp Nagoya, a modern midsize venue that we have played at numerous times in past years, most recently in 2011.

Today its a festival with 3 other bands: Simple Plan, Big Mama and The Starbems. Yesterday NOFX, Lagwagon, Mamba69 and Totalfat played. Tomorrow we head to Osaka where the venue is bigger and all the bands are playing the same day. Then its on to day 3 in Tokyo.

Click for 6 seconds of todays soundcheck, in a loop.

As usual, theres more then one way to catch a taste of our tour. Photos from tonights show will be up here and on Weezer's Facebook page soon, Ill be instagramming live (er, as close as possible anyway) from the shows (which will be linked on weezer's twitter and also here: http://instagram.com/karlophone), Scott's in the mix with his instagram feed (http://instagram.com/ss711), Pat's on twitter too, and you know Rivers is always busting out one way or another be it on Twitter or Facebook. See the social links in the right column.