Karl's Corner - 03/30/2013

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2013/03/30 Osaka, Japan: Punkspring Festival: Kobe World Memorial Hall


Of the many cool things about Japan, the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is not only fun and relaxing, its amazingly convienient. We made our way from Nagoya down to Osaka today in less than an hour, riding in serene smooth comfort as the Japanese landscape flew by. Enjoyable travel.... what's not to like about that?

Today is Show #2 of our 3 day Punkspring Festival run, and it takes place at the 8000 seat Kobe World Memorial Hall, with our old 2000 Warped Tour friends NOFX, plus Pennywise, Lagwagon, Simple Plan, Mayday Parade, wolf mask wearing Man With A Mission, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, My First Story, and of course TOTALFAT. Of course. TOTALFAT.

As usual, theres more then one way to catch a taste of our tour. Photos from tonights show will be up here and on Weezer's Facebook page soon, Ill be instagramming live (er, as close as possible anyway) from the shows (which will be linked on weezer's twitter and also here: http://instagram.com/karlophone), Scott's in the mix with his instagram feed (http://instagram.com/ss711), Pat's on twitter too, and you know Rivers is always busting out one way or another be it on Twitter or Facebook. See the social links in the right column.