Karl's Corner - 03/31/2013

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2013/03/31 Tokyo, Japan: Punkspring Festival: Makuhari Messe


Today we arose in Osaka with a need to get 315 miles to the north, as todays 3rd Punkspring Festival show is up in the Tokyo metro area, at the Makuhari Messe, which is a giant convention center north of Tokyo, where they usually hold the Summersonic Festival. So off we went, once again knowing that the Bullet Train was the relaxing answer.

Yesterday's show in Osaka was a bit of a time warp, with our '00 Vans Warped Tour buddies NOFX playing just prior to Weezer. Backstage was a place of chaos, reunions and goofing around, with the goofing around part extending to shenanigans onstage from Fat (now Fit) Mike and Fletcher from Pennywise who stormed the weezer stage at the end of the encore. They have dutifully promised to stir up more trouble tonight.

Its a 2 stage back and forth set up tonight, with non stop rock all day, including NOFX, Pennywise, Lagwagon, Simple Plan, Mayday Parade, the wolf mask wearing Man With A Mission, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, My First Story, and of course TOTALFAT. Of course. TOTALFAT. TOTALFAT. TOTALFAT. TOTALFAT.

Photos from tonights show will be up here and on Weezer's Facebook page soon, Ill be instagramming live (er, as close as possible anyway) from the shows (which will be linked on weezer's twitter and also here: http://instagram.com/karlophone), Scott's in the mix with his instagram feed (http://instagram.com/ss711), Pat's on twitter too, and you know Rivers is always busting out one way or another be it on Twitter or Facebook. See the social links in the right column.