Karl's Corner - 04/20/2004

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04/20/04 le cobbist elite

...in the "no news is good news, trust me" department, the schedule for recording Album 5 has indeed gone thru a few changes over the last few months, after an intital burst of activity back in December. 2004 started with some band rehearsals, but this was interrupted with some scheduling and travel issues, so the plan was modified a few times. During these last few 'off' months, Rivers has been taking the opportunity to rework some song demos that needed some 'tlc' to be ready for the next recording sessions. Now it looks like the band will be back rehearsing an impressive set of songs in the coming weeks, with the overall plan being to rehearse thru May and complete Album 5 by the end of the summer.

As for after that, there is talk of leaving the fall open, to release the album late '04 / early '05. Once the album is out, the plan is to tour like crazy! Everything is still subject to change of course, but thats the basic vibe at this point.

...new contest online now: from Vans Sneakers, Apple iPod, and Weezer. Good stuff up for grabs!

...What is (most of) the weezer clan into these days? Find out with Stoke Factor 3! Its up now, in the extras section. (going up at 8pm EST, 4/20)

...more DVD/Blue Deluxe mentions and reviews:

- Rolling Stone Magazine (Quentin T./Uma T. Cover) has a four star review of the Blue Album Deluxe.
- Entertainment Weekly #759 - April 9th, (Bart Simpson cover) - "'The Must List' #5: 'The Blue Album' - Weezer: The new deluxe rerelease of what is undeniably the best geek-rock album of all time includes a second CD of B sides and rarities including a swell version of 'Mykel and Carli.'"
- Underground Online has a fresh crop of weezer articles up about the DVD and Blue Deluxe: Interview with yours truly here, Blue Album Deluxe Edition review here, DVD review here, and a Weezer sweepstakes contest here.
- Sound the Sirens Magazine feature on the deluxe edition and dvd releases here.
- Illinois State University Blue Deluxe Review here.
- Penn State Digital Collegian Blue Deluxe Review here.

...some International release date updates...
- Holland: Blue Deluxe released 4/19; DVD 'a.w.o.l.'
- Ireland: Blue Deluxe released 4/16; DVD 16th/19th in some places
- UK: Blue Deluxe released 4/19; DVD 4/19
- Italy: Blue Deluxe releasing 4/26; DVD 4/19
- Japan: Blue Deluxe 'a.w.o.l.'; DVD 'a.w.o.l.'
- Iceland: Blue Deluxe released 4/12; DVD 4/12
- Sweden: Blue Deluxe releasing 4/26; DVD ?
- Brazil: Blue Deluxe 'a.w.o.l.'; DVD 'a.w.o.l.'
- Australia: ??? (supposedly same as UK, but nothing seen in stores?)
- Hong Kong: ???

...still awaiting more info on the impending issue of Chevy High Performance mag that is set to run a feature on Pat's '67 Chevelle. Word is it might make the cover??

...cool sighting from an observant fan: "i was just watching matrix reloaded and...at 1 hr 2 min and 50 sec of the movie, the scene shows morpheus, trinity and neo exiting an elevator. if you look at the elevator door there is an obvious tagging of the flying =w= !"

...possible home decor score??