Karl's Corner - 06/07/2000

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Hey now.. well, pat has posted more accurate SG show info over at the special goodness website, so go there for the latest details on that. Also, There is an excellent interview with Pat, Mikey and Lee of the S.G. , from the San Diego show in March. The interview was done by Claire Caraska, who was one of the original fanclubbers (#51!?!), and is the "poor girl" in the picture at the top of the March SG tour diary page. (see below for the link to that, its a pic of a red hat....) Please, click here to go over to MusicRag.com and read this cool interview.

Also, Ive been getting tons of email from folks who are somehow convinced that i know more about the upcoming tour schedule than what is posted on the RWA news page. Well.... i don't. sorry.

Coming shortly: a small (but guarenteed to grow) gallery of rare weezer pictures from all time periods, of both people, paraphenalia, and equipment.