Karl's Corner - 06/11/2006

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06/11/06 we'll remember always...

unknown, photography © 2006


Last Thursday (6/8) our fave frontman Rivers graduated from Harvard with his Batchelor of Arts degree. Its been an 11 year journey to get that degree (which followed several years of community college way beck in the pre weezer years), but Rivers had a pretty good excuse for taking a little extra time - the last 11 years also saw 4 weezer albums recorded and released, hundreds if not thousands of songs written and thousands of shows played around the world. And as for that official "Batchelor" status, hes got about a week left to enjoy that title, as his nupitals are imminent! See RollingStone.com for another photo.

...the future? some band plans are in the planning phase. Once them wedding bells have rang, things should be clarifying. Stay tuned...