Karl's Corner - 06/13/2006

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06/13/06 Happy Birthday to Rivers!

unknown, photography © 2006

...Graduation, wedding, birthday...June '06 is a hell of a month for our one and only RC. And now, the Weezer.com Rivers Fan Interview '06 is complete. Over the last few days, Rivers put in the time and tackled his, er, 'birthday present' (heh), answering just about all of the 120 'finalist' questions from you, the fans. Never one to do things exactly as expected, Rivers answered the questions in little groups, posting the results on his MySpace page (briefly) before taking them down and moving onto the next part. All the parts were saved and have been assembled into one long interview, available here. (heavy props to fansite weerez.com for kicking some ass and getting it up almost immediately!)

...homegrown video alert: weez fan Gregor L. has put together a video for the Japanese band Reach's cover of "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams" thats on the "Across The Sea" Japanese Weezer tribute album. Gregor sez: "The acoustic guitar being played in the video was given to me by =w= on October 6th of 2005 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after i played "Undone" with them." Stop motion animation and everything. Check it out here.

...tribute band alert: San Francisco area: The "Little Bitches"! Bandmember Stephen L. sez "We play note-for-note renditions of weezer's songs spanning all major releases (including some b-sides) and we've got demo/live MP3s available on our site that show what we're capable of. We're proud of what we do and we hope we do the band justice." Check out their MySpace page here for upcoming NorCal area show info.