Karl's Corner - 06/18/2006

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06/18/06 kongurachure-shonzu

karl koch, photography © 2006

...Congratulations to Rivers and Kyoko Cuomo!

The wedding was at a secluded beachfront cliff property in Paradise Cove, Malibu, and was attended by about 100 friends and family members. It was a fun day where many mini-reunions took place. For the first time in possibly, ever, the following folks were all in the same place: Rivers, Brian, Pat, Scott, Matt Sharp, Jason Cropper, Patrick Finn, Takashi Hasegawa, Justin Fisher, Adam Orth and Kevin Ridel. Not to mention the many family members from both sides of the Pacific ocean, and some special guests including Rick Rubin. Fine live string quartet music and delicious vegan fare capped off a most special day.

Large size picture link: here. In this photo we see 6 of the 7 career spanning weezer members all in one spot: Matt, Brian, Pat, Rivers, Scott, and Jason. There it is, y'all.