Karl's Corner - 06/25/2002

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06/25/02 real rock from the rock

...cool news! Weezer will be performing on the Late Show with Dave Letterman, on Thursday, July 25! This show will also feature big time actress Julia Roberts.

Studio Work Days 4+5: Los Angeles

  • Day 4: Sunday, 6/23:

More of the same, only a lot of it. ALL the following songs got work done on them today!

192 Mad Kow
378 Running Man
353 Sacrifice
376 Steamroller
347 Misstep
380 Lullaby
379 Montana
371 Hey Domingo (also referred to as "The World Cup Song")
365 Sugar Cookie
284 Acapulco
360 Private Message
373 Booby Trap
368 Prodigy Lover
262 Mr Taxman

Needless to say it was a long day in the studio and the guys were sorely missing the foosball table, but they made do with basketball during the breaks. Things are going very well though, as is visible from the sheer amount of progress they are making. The Weezer machine’s wheels just keep on turning.... Summary: two big, fat productive thumbs up!

...pix n' deets courtesy SB...

  • Day 5: Monday, 6/24:

Well, their wish was granted and the big news today: A FOOSBALL TABLE!! Okay, that wasn’t the BIG news but it was up there.

On the song front, it was more monster productivity and the guys worked on these songs today:

295 So Low
280 Saturday Night
362 Queen of Earth
197 Superstar
289 We Go Together
273 Listen Up
190 Modern Dukes
347 Misstep
192 Mad Kow
376 Steamroller
369 She Who is Militant
374 Buttafuoco
360 Private Message

A few older songs from previous sessions have been revisited and that is mainly due to the experimentation that is going on with the keyboard work. It’s taking some getting used to but Rivers said that he was "digging it", which seems to be the general consensus.

...pix n' deets courtesy SB...

Keep Fishin' report:

The first edit of the "Keep Fishin" video showed up at the studio on Monday, and everyone had the preliminary viewing to much amusement and awe. All witnesses agreed that for a rough edit it looked pretty darn good; there were some great moments captured and it seems like this video is going to live up to the hype...

As for the new 'Radio Action', LOTS of people from all over are reporting hearing the track on their local stations! More details to come in the 6/26 report...