Karl's Corner - 07/01/2002

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07/01/02 sonic reducer

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

...okay, heres some good news! We've gotten word that starting around July 8th, you should be able to catch the new "Keep Fishin'" video on both Mtv and Mtv2! The "All Access" Mtv2 special on 7/14 is still scheduled as well, which is supposed to be a sort of "making the video" type behind the scenes look at the videos creation (as well as the finished product of course!) So keep an eye peeled for some furry rock action starting on the 8th!

...Update: Summer EP. The selection of live tracks from the Japan World Cup Tour has been finalized. The cover art is in the works, and a title has been chosen. In addition to the live tracks, the EP will also include the new version of "Keep Fishin'". More news as we get it.

...Update: DVD. My extensive project of gathering clips together and sorting out a weezer DVD content running order has been taking up 90 percent of my June, but a LOT of progress has been made. The menu systems have been sorted out (though not actually funcional yet, the way theyre gonna work has been figured out), the list of video clips, live stuff , and exclusives has been mostly sorted out, and the editing work is in full gear. Big questions remain as to whether some footage is allowed to be used, but there are so many possibilities that its gonna be pretty full no matter what happens.

...also, lots more reports have been coming in from people hearing Keep Fishin' more and more. the 7-2 report should have some details.