Karl's Corner - 07/02/2002

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07/02/02 super shine #9

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

Some clarification on the upcoming Mtv2 Keep Fishin' special, to air during their "All Access" week on July 14th: The 30 minute special is indeed an official "Making The Video" episode. That should give a better idea of what to expect.

  • radio:

in the past few days, people have reported hearing Keep Fishin' on...107.7 the end kndd Seattle (reached #2 on the people's choice countdown 6/27)....Chicago's 94.7 "The Zone." ("playing it repeatedly"; having "Red, White and Weezer Weekend" for Tweeter Center tix)...92.1 WMAD (Mad Radio) in Madison, WI...wcyy in portland maine (album version)...102.1 "the edge" in Dallas (added to their playlist 7/2)...106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles (on "Furious Five at Nine" were giving away tickets for the Weezer show on August 9th in Irvine. Keep Fishin' was #3 and the d.j. Stryker made it a block and played Undone as well)...94.3 Cool Orange County (also playing Slob)...89-7 The River (KIWR, Council Bluffs/OMAHA, on their "FRIDAY NITE BUZZ" request show, repeatedly claims on-air that "NOBODY PLAYS MORE WEEZER")...detroit's 89X..."Real Rock 101.1 WJRR" in Orlando, Florida (many requests got it started)...Y101 in Richmond, VA...Boise Idaho's 100.3 The X (in cage match vs Linkin Park's "Point of Authority")...Philly's Y100 (was "...kicking ass on their "Cage Match" every night, beating down any challenger they put before it. BUT a bunch of [...] had to call in and choose some [...] Our Lady Peace song...")...94.5 the Buzz...92.3 K-Rock in nyc...WBER in rochester, ny...and 94.1 the zone in rochester, ny...

Wild radio news of the week (or year, possibly!)
"...On my drive home I decided to tune into some rap music on the radio dial around 11:30pm (June 30, 2002). So as I tuned into the most popular rap station in Southern California; Power 106, whose slogan I must add is "Blazin the Most Hip Hop and R&B," I was unexpectedly hit with Weezer's 'Keep Fishin.' I was stunned to hear the weez on a hip hop station..." ---Greg from La Palma, California