Karl's Corner - 07/03/2002

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07/03/02 we are known as emcees (we turn party's out)

...the treats came by but briefly today...but tasty they were...yesss (Yoda voice)...the force is strong with these demos...

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour update:

"...I’m psyched, the pyro is insane!..." -Pat Wilson, today.

...magazine hounds: There is a 2 page spread on the Keep fishin video in the new Kerrang magazine. The cover date is July 6, and the Red Hott Chili Peppers are on the cover.

...now heres a cool idea...a fan writes: "At midnight (eastern time, that would be 9PM west coast) late on July 9th I'm trying to get everyone to sign off all of the message boards and listen to "Mykel and Carli" then "Only in Dreams" in honor of the 5th anniversary of Mykel and Carli's tragedy. I already made a thread but I don't think it will be enough to get the word around..." Well, consider something thoughtful like that a high priority on this corner! How about it, folks?