Karl's Corner - 07/05/2002

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07/05/02 now that's what I call music

"What Rivers Cuomo is to Weezer, Travis Smith is to the Cardinals". --John B., ESPN Sportscenter 7/4

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 0: Travel Day; to Salt lake City, UT

tour starts tomorrow!

...travel day. long flights to SLC for me. I think some of the crew may have had to juggle flights out of LAX yesterday due to the shooting/evacuation thing...but I think everyone made it to the production set-up in Salt Lake on time. As for me, all I gotta say is: Jet Blue rocks! By far the coolest "coach" experience I've ever had. If I ran an airline, I'd want it to work like Jet Blue. (seriously! not a paid endorsement!). This tour is just gonna rock it right.

...you know who, as you know who, a fan creation by Paul K...