Karl's Corner - 07/07/2006

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07/07/06 Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)

karl koch, photography © 2006

...Several more historical weezy pix from Rivers' wedding on 6/18:
The original Line up of weezer ('92-'93): Pat, Jason, Rivers, Matt.
The Second lineup of weezer ('93-'98): Brian, Pat, Rivers, Matt.
The 4th (current) Weezer lineup ('01-today): Brian, Pat, Rivers, Scott
The pre-weezer '60 Wrong Sausages' lineup ('91): Jason, Rivers, Pat, Pat Finn

...Brian Bell Fan Interview alert! Brian A. from AcrossTheWeez.com is now taking fan interview questions for a fan only interview with Weezer guitarist and style master Brian Bell. Similar to how the recent Rivers Fan Interview worked, you need to email your question(s) to AcrossTheWeez's Brian A. by the July 20th deadline, and they will be assembled for Brian Bell to answer from there. Once the finished interview is ready, the details of where it can be read (it will be in multiple locations when all is said and done) will be available here and on AcrossTheWeez.com.

...speaking of Brian, he's been working on some cool stuff recently and will soon be ready to share his new creations with the world. Sorry we can't be more specific yet, but Brian will tell all when he's ready.

...Brian continued: from October 22 of last year, check out the WBRU Podcast page for an podcast interview with Brian (partway down their list of archived podcasts). (hat tip: Alex, old school fanclubber #175!)

...jes' mo' betta' Brian: San Diegans, look for Issue 5.5 (May '06) of a mag called "944 San Diego". Its one of those fancy "hotel room" type mags for tourists, and that issue sports a previously unknown article: "The Life of Brian: Weezer Guitarist Brian Bell's New Challenge". (hat tip: Brian's Dad! - who notes: "There is one glaring error of fact in the story - that he was born in Nashville. Actually, he wasn't even born in Knoxville. He was born in Iowa City, Iowa. We didn't move to Knoxville until he was about three.")

...video treat update - I'm still pushing for the original Holiday Treat to be shared with y'all, and its by no means a lost cause at this point. However, in the interest of having *something* new to look at (and in the interest of having some fun in general, yes?), Im now preparing a clip of what we'll call "weez scrapbook '05 pt 1" ( of hopefully a small series). It's sure to be kind of a mish mash of content, but while we wait and see if the original treat is a go or not, its of course better than nuthin'. Again, apologies for the wait and the confusion, it all started from a tiny behind the scenes miscommunication, and blossomed into what has obviously been a frustrating wait for many fans.

...very odd video alert!!! A Beverly Hills cover/adaptation by a group of... high school teachers. Rawk on: "Walnut Hill".

...very odd "Undone" cover alert! Check out this MySpace Music page, and click on "Reeb Grady Clan" track. The song is done by a group of kids ranging from 4 to 11 years old!

...While the official JONAS Street team is still dormant for the time being, the Jonas fan community lives on - click on the Jonas Street team banner for access to weezerjonas.org.