Karl's Corner - 07/08/2002

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07/08/02 the power of Robert Goulet

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 3: Travel/Day Off- St. Paul, MN

"If you are in need of a mall that has more mass than Jupiter and fewer actual goods per square foot than the Mojave Desert, then we have found a mall for you" -Patrick Wilson, on today's Mall of America adventure

...a lunch discovery, courtesy Steph...

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • video:

MTV and Mtv2 both started airing the "Keep Fishin'" video today, and we've got it up in the audio video section too! Remember also that the Keep Fishin' "Making The Video" airs on mtv2 on 7/14.

  • radio:

People have heard Keep Fishin' on more stations, including: 92.3 Extreme Radio in Cleveland, OH...WLRS 105.1 in Louisville KY...92.1 KFMA in Tucson, Arizona...97.5 kpoi in hawaii...Fly 92.7 in Wichita, Kansas...89.7 the River...real-rock 101.1(WJRR) in orlando, florida (on their late-night show “the rubber room”)

tomorrow: remember Mykel, Carli, and Trysta!