Karl's Corner - 07/16/2002

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07/16/02 more bounce

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 11: Travel/Day Off (Indianapolis)

Karlscorner-2002recording.jpgStudio Work: Indianapolis
Today the guys took full advantage of the open day and booked time at a local Indianapolis studio to continue work on the recent slew of recordings. Both the music masters and engineer Chad B were flown out from L.A., and by mid afternoon, the music was flowing. Today was basically an overdub session, with guitar parts and vocals added to many of the recently revealed demos. Brian added guitar parts to at least 6 songs, and Rivers overdubbed vocals onto almost everything, including putting some brand new lyrics onto "The Victor". Other songs experiencing some noticable work were "She Who Is Militant", "untenable", Hey Domingo", and "Running Man".

...pix courtesy SB...

...bottom row, L to R: huh?, Adam W gets weird, Pete C whips up another winner atweezerisland...

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • video:

Keep Fishin' is making some big waves on the various music video stations! People are spotting it frequently on both Mtv and Mtv2, where it has won a number of "Control Freak" votes! [recently defeating Ashanti, John Malier, Tweet, and Creed!]. MuchMusic Canada has the video in solid rotation, and on the "Ed's Big Wham Bam" show, it was given a "Smash" rating, and 'Ed the Sock Puppet' [?!?] called it "one of the best music videos ever made"! Also on Much News an interview with rivers and brian can be seen Saturday the 20th at 8:30 P.M. and Sunday the 21st at 4:00 p.m. for much weekend edition. Also, on much Music USA, Keep Fishin is in the "Oven Fresh" viewer online voting thing. To vote, go to mmusa, click "oven fresh" [or the green line], then a new window will open, on the bottom row is the the KF video , click weezer and vote "keep it".

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour info: Third Grade Teacher

L.A. band Third Grade Teacher has been aded to the line up at the Irvine, CA show! Check the tour page for developments as to their time slot and stage.

...weezerfests update:
The "by the fans, for the fans" weezerfests continue. See weezerfest.com for full details. Some upcoming weezerfests include:
July 27th - London contact Mark at supermark500@hotmail.com or more info can be found atthis site.
July 30th - Nashville
contact Chloe at thrifter@hotmail.com or more info can be found at weezerfest.com
August 8th - Los Angeles
contact Katie at foureyes911@yahoo.com or more info can be found at

the fans have a plan...
okay, a lot of fans have been asking me to help them spread their grassroots plan to a larger audience. What they intend to do is get together and try and vote "Keep Fishin'" onto that Carson show on Mtv. [no, not his talk show...]. Their plan calls for all interested fans voting for the video on this coming Friday, July 19th. To do this, a fan says: "we need to vote after 1:00 pm EST on thursday through 12:00 pm EST on friday."
HOWEVER, there is ALSO a movement to vote for it on August 1st. See the various threads on the message boards for the latest opinions on this plan...[why not both, I wonder?] "We're all gonna vote like crazy and show the WORLD the true power that is behind the rock of Weezer." ~Poopman5k

REMINDER: Thursday July 25th: Weezer will be appearing on The Late Show with Dave Letterman!!!