Karl's Corner - 07/17/2002

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07/17/02 wood and smoke

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 12: Indianapolis, IN; Verizon Ampitheather

Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer (Strokes cancelled due to injury)
Second Stage: Loudermilk, Home Town Hero, Am Radio

Finally back in Indianapolis! Well, todays long awaited show was pretty close to standard issue Enlightenment show, (which is a good thing!) No foosball tourney today, but the rock was served up in the requred dosage, and the setlist was choice, including another rare performance of "Across The Sea". The band reported some odd stage acoustics that turned out to be from a vibrating floor section under their monitor rig. All the opening and side stage acts are doing well, laying out solid shows, stoking current fans and winning new ones.





...pic #18, L to R: Kevin Ridel, Apelonia, Scott, Imjellobaby, ace, cooked sushi, Stinkypete (subbing for stupid/user/name), not pictured: rabid granny...

...the first batch of Indianapolis fans' show reports that came in via email...

  • "...Just returned to my hotel room after seeing Weezer at the Verizon Music Center in Nobelsville, Indiana. I'm in the middle of a Texas to Canada to Florida to Texas road trip and it worked out that I was able to plan a stop in Indiana to see the Weez. Let me tell you, it was well worth working into my road trip plans and nailing the internet presale to get second row seats. An amazing show in the muggy Indiana cornfields with an incredible setlist. From a rousing opening Say It Ain't So to the intriguing encore of Death and Destruction with stops on all albums in between it was a captivating journey through the Weezer catalogue. Thank you so much for playing Across The Sea. That song has always been a favorite but meant even more tonight since I'm on the road away from family and friends. The guys seemed to be on top of their game, really getting into things and having fun. A classic moment was right before No One Else when an insect swarmed around Rivers' head and as he swatted it he said, "I thought that thing was going to kill me!" A top-notch performance and all the best keeping the Weezer machine rolling. See you in Texas!" ---~Tyler (TwelveSidedDie on the weezer.com boards)
  • "...Just got back from the show at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, and I must say, that show RAWKED!!!! I am a converted Dashboard Confessional fan now, and Sparta put in a great set. But Weezer took me totally by surprise. First off I want to compliment Pat on the use of a china cymbal. Very rock n' roll of him. Sounded great too. Seeing Only In Dreams live has got to be, by far, the greatest thrill I have ever had. The goosebumps, the giddiness, the feeling of your woman in your arms as the boys rock it out. It was a classic rock moment for me. And the drum riser was totally gnarly. Great for the intro into Buddy Holly. Pyro = good clean American fun. And the oodles of Pinkerton songs played was just the icing on the cake. Hearing Getchoo live for the first time in my life was quite an undertaking, as I pretty much lost my voice to this song. Scott is a perfect fit with the band as he seems to mesh well and is quite a stage performer. Good eye in picking this guy up. Hope he can stick with it. All in all this would have to be the best show I have ever seen, and I have seen plenty. I think this even replaces Guns N' Roses back in May of '91 as my top show ever. Great job guys, and I hope to see you guys play again real soon." ---=w= Josh
  • "...What an an experience. Sparta was REALLY good and very talented. I caught Loudermilk on the side stage, they rocked pretty hard, but I dont think were appreciated enough. Dashboard had a good set and their fans sang along and they put on a good set. But when Weezer came on, wow. They place really lit up! Rivers seems to be in a really good mood lately and the things he says inbetween songs were quite amusing. I think I speak for everyone when I say were all happy for him. Say It Ain't So was a great opener that got the crowd going. Only In Dreams was spectacular and I loved every moment of it. When Scott's bass line started us out, the crowd became estatic! 5 songs from Pinkerton! Across The Sea was so amazing, I had been listening to that song a lot recently, and was so surprised and excited when they played it! I was thoroughly surprised when they started Glorious Day!!! And when they came back for Death And Destruction, the crowd volume was just amazing. Great setlist! Halfway through, Rivers took off his jacket, and the girls in the crowd all screamed, and Rivers says into the mic, "Yea, I'm sexy". Scott did a great job and seemed to be having a lot of fan and interaction with the fans. Pat was stellar and Brian was having a lot of fun. Great show, I'll never forget it! And was we were leaving, some people got their keys locked in their car, so my friend Sarah gave them her bra and they used the bra wire and got the car opened!!!!! Memorable night!" ---NTN
  • "...The first concert in what....seven years to hit Indy? The wait was well worth it. The side stage acts were surprisingly good, most noteable was 'Home Town Hero' who kicked major ass. Dashboard was....well, *cough* gay *cough* but when Weezer came on, the crowd went crazy, and I loved every second of it. Best concert of my life, no contest, great job guys!" ---John Spotts, Indianapolis
  • "...Hey Karl, just got home from the Weezer show, and it was awesome! Long time listener, but this was my first concert. And I must say, they totally rocked Indy. Only In Dreams rocked. Even Sparta and Dashboard confessional rocked. I didn't get to catch much of the side stage, but from what I heard, they were awesome also. Bummer about the Stokes, I was looking forward to them, but still an all around good show. Come back to Indy soon!" ---Heath
  • "...Wow. That's all I have to say about tonights concert. Weezer just blew me away. The set list way perfect. You could hardly hear Rivers between songs because of all of the screams. The pyros was a great idea and when Pat was on the platform and the Weezer sign showed it took my breath away. I went over to the second stage for a while and met the lead singer for AM Radio. He is really nice and I got my picture taken with him. Sparta and D.C. rocked. I really can't think of anything to say. I am still blown away. keep the rock comin." ---rachel
  • "...I just got back from the Indy show and it was amazing! I was so happy to hear so many songs from Pinkerton and that you guys played Only in Dreams. That rocked! I just wished that you guys would come to Indy more often geez its been at least 6 years but you guys came and thats all that matters. I also got to meet Brian Bell tonight and that was so cool he signed my friends shirt and mine it was a dream come true. Well thanks for the great show I can't wait to see the band again I just hope its sooner than 6 years." ---Joe B =w=
  • "...first off, i want to thank you for coming to indianapolis. second, this was my first weezer concert. i had very high expectations, because weezer had been my favourite band for quite a few years now. and, i must say, my expectations were met and went WAY beyond that. the setlist you had was most excellent. all of my favourites were there... i was thrilled to see that scott perform blue, green, and pinkerton songs just as well, if not better in some cases, as past bassists have. everyone seemed to be having a great time, and i loved pat being raised with the =w=... and getting off it with the ladder. so, to sum up, WOW. amazing, amazing concert." ---hannah (inchoate logic on the boards)
  • "...figured theres probably a billion fan reports on weezer so I'll tell you about the side stage. Loudermilk was unbelievable. I'm not kidding. Everyone should go see them. They had a ton of energy and their music was really hardcore and awesome. Afterwards we met the drummer and he gave us sampler CD's. He said 'well, we're technically not allowed to give these out until weezers done, but fuck that.' They were really nice too. Hometown hero was a lot like loudermilk. They rocked just as hard, and the drummer spat a fireball. We left dashboard early for the sake of our soles, and went and got right up next to the stage with Kevin Ridel of AM radio (I think thats his name). That guy is great. He's really nice, and when he was soundchecking we asked him to sing freebird (haha) and he sang a couple lines. Their performance was fun, he was right there with the audience, rubbing everyones head from the stage. He was funny. I liked their song 'I just wanna be loved' (or something along those lines). So anyway in conclusion if you miss out on the sige stage acts youre missing out on a lot" ---Patrick O'Connor.
  • "...first of all, Weezer went above and beyond my expectations,(this was my first time seeing them live)...the started out with say it ain't so.....and it was awesome...., and anything the band did, the crowd went wild.....they screamed and cheered anytime they could be heard....they played many songs from Pinkerton....I abosoulutly loved that, especially El Scorcho....and that they played Glorious Days, it is my fave from the green album....and I was constantly on my feet screaming and singing along to every song.......the ended with an explosive Death and Destruction, and the guitar was truly fantastic...it was the highlight of my night.....and I want to see them live again...so hurry back to Indy!!! Sparta was good, I like them and I am gonna buy their cd....DC was amazing....and I already have their cd....I also Chris from DC roaming around outside where everybody was at....." ---Lizz

...Random announcement!...our lead man from Geffen, Jordan, called us up and asked us to do him a favor and pass along some info. The debut album from Trust Company is about to be released, and he has been working hard trying to spread the word on this new band. Jordan has always thought very highly of the weez, and he has proven himself to be one of the band's biggest supporters in the industry, so its cool. Anyway, the album was produced by Don Gilmore, who is on the short list of candidates for producer for the next weezer album, and its out July 23rd. over and out.