Karl's Corner - 07/26/2002

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07/26/02 a heartwarming story

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 21: Philadelphia, PA; Tweeter Center

Main Stage: Cordalene, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer
Second Stage: Rooney, Home Town Hero, Am Radio

Today was a record breaking historic show for the weez, as nearly 15,000 people came to the Tweeter Center to see the concert, and thats the most people ever to attend a headlining weezer show! That beats out both last fall's massive United Center [Chicago] and Jones Beach [nyc] shows! Thank you Philadelphia for showing the world that you are the champions of weezer fandom! It was simply epic in scale and really made you sit back and go "mmm". Meanwhile, lots of people were commenting on the strong debut performance of Enlightenment newcomers Rooney over on the side stage. And one time Main Stagers Cordalene came in today and put in a terrific show.

Karlscorner-Enlightfoosball.jpg"Weezer World Cup" Foosball Challenge #6: Philadelphia- Y100
Foosball Challenge #6! Today before the show there was another fan vs. weez foosball challenge. In many cities on the Enlightenment Tour, the local radio station will be choosing winning fans who get to come backstage before the show and challenge the band to a mini-foosball tournament! [your local radio station should be talking about the contest, if theyre not, then its not likely to be happening in your area]. There are usually 6 winners per show, and they divide up into 3 teams who face off vs weezer for one game each.

Todays match results:
Round 1: Team Weezer (Cuomo/Wilson) V. The Surfing Platypuses (Doug Farber and Samantha Husik) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-0. [The Platypuses worked hard, but couldnt keep up with the power o' the weez offence]
Round 2: Team Weezer (Cuomo/Wilson) V. Mattis Maulers (Bill Mattis and Fran Mattis) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-2. [The Maulers had some solid foos smarts and their goals were nice, but just not frequent enough]
Round 3: Team Weezer (Cuomo/Wilson) V. Flying Squirrels (Emily Tantillo and Katie Miterko) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-0. [the lovely Flying Squirrels were charming and excellent sports...but neither of those two qualities add up to points on the board unfortunately!]






...pic # 23, L to R: Ghazal, bakerp, ace, jtstr, TheCowSaysMoo99, squraish, Jordan...not pictured: hearmeknowme
...pic # 24: The People Who Waited By The Gate Out Back [...now in softcover!]..

...the first batch of fans' tales from the Philly show...

  • "...The pyro was flamin', and the rock was a rockin'!" ---G.
  • "...hey all my loyal weezer fans. I just walked in from the best weezer concert ever--wait the best concert of my life. It was amazing! The set list was great---all the pinkerton stuff rocked. Rivers said this was the biggest weezer concert ever in their history--the crowd went crazy...I was sitting 2nd row with 3 of my friends...and it was awesome...thank you weezer for one of the best nites of my life!" ---meg from phila
  • "..Hope you get this. An incredible show tonight. It was my seventh show (2 Blue, 2 Pinkerton, 1 w/ No Doubt, 1 Midget) and I never thought it could beat those two shows in 1994 and 1995 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. All I can say it blew me away. The greatest weezer performance I've seen by far. Rivers said they were going to kick our ass and they did. The mix of Pinkerton tunes plus seven from Blue? Amazing. It's the first time in seven years that I've heard Only in Dreams live. Also, Dope Nose knocked the place down. After a rough move to the East Coast, all I can say is thanks to the band. Thanks for taking me back to senior in high school and making it an amazing night. Not a complaint, but a suggestion since the band seems so much more confident and risk taking than ever...how about The World has Turned? Thanks for listening and also for all your work on the website. You were the lifeline for those years. And, I think it was you, but the memory is fading, I think you gave me a setlist at Target Center in 1997 on the No Doubt show. Thanks. The Rock Lives." ---Kyle
  • "...I literally just arrived home from the philly (tweeter center on the waterfront) show...it was awesome...there was a great mix up of songs between albums!...I personally wish that it was longer, but thats just because i can never get enough Weezer...and on one side note...Rivers look really good in a suit (hehe i couldn't help myself he's so cute)...have fun in Maryland." ---*Natalie Baker*
  • "...Hey fellow =w=eezer fans! I left the philly (camden, nj) show about a half hour ago and I am still in shock. Weezer was absolutly amazing tonight, so I'll give you guys an idea of what the show was like so you know what to look forward to if your going anytime soon. The show started off amazing with "Undone" and only got better. The stage was awesome with pyro and lazors, all sorts of snizzle to get the crowd going (did i just say snizzle?)" Anyway, in the middle of "Say it Ain't So", the background turns into two hands showing the infamouse =w=, and that really got the crowd going. It totally pumped up the crowd, which, in turn, hyped up Rivers, who really started to jam at that point. Here's a hint to anyone attending a show soon: River's LOVES the crowds evergy, so give him al you got if you want to see an amazing show. Weezer played an awesome set, playing pretty much the entire blue album. I was, however, wondering where "Keep Fishin'" was, but hey, they made up for missing that one with an awesome jam session in "only in Dreams". I don't want to give too much away, but if your still wondering where the huge =w= is halfway into the show, don't worry, they won't let you down. So, my friends and =w= fans, I hope (if ur attending a show soon) this gives you something to look forward too, or if you alreayd say the enlightenment tour I hope it's something to bring back the memories. All I can say is I can't wait to see the next weezer show and ROCK ON!" ---Tina (hockeygurl20@bored.com), Philly
  • "...Thank you guys so much for playing such an amazing set. I hope you know how much it means to so many people that you are playing the Pinkerton songs again. I was at both New Jersey shows, and that means I got to hear 7 Pinkerton songs... Tonite, the best song was No Other One. The show was amazing... The Pyro, the =w=, Rivers talking, etc. But what really made it incredibly special is that we finally get to hear our favorite songs from or favorite album by our favorite band. Thank you so much! Rock and Roll!" ---W.
  • "...I just got back from the show and IT ROCKED!!!!! I was happy to hear so many songs from Pinkerton and the Blue Album. Hearing The Good Life and Why Bother totally made up for Dashboard (sorry, I just don't like them). I was up on the lawn and Brian was definitely under represented on the video screen, but all in all it was a great night. Can't wait to see you guys again!! =w=" ---AL
  • "...On this night, the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ was home to the Weezer rock show. As Rivers commented, "This is the biggest Weezer show in the history of the world!" and judging from the expansive crowd, this was likely true. The set list was particularly tight as Mr. Cuomo and company maneuvered effortlessly through song after song. Pinkerton-era gems such as "Getchoo" and "No Other One" melded seamlessly with tunes of more recent vintage ("Dope Nose" and "December"). Blue album classics such as "Buddy Holly", "Surf Wax" and "In the Garage" were absolutely mind-blowing as well. The band's energy was infectious and manifested itself in many ways throughout the evening, including a particularly searing solo on "Hash Pipe". Highlights of the show (aside from the killer set list) included Pat's rising drum kit, the full scale pyrotechnics and the surreal outro of "Only in Dreams." In addition, Rivers' inter-song banter was extremely amusing and entertaining. All in all, the band was in excellent form and clearly demonstrated that they are all about the rock. Their ensemble playing was both tight and powerful (although when isn't it?). All in all, this was an excellent rock show. Rest assured Weez, for we were rocked, and rocked thoroughly!" ---d.m.n.
  • "...Three things this concert made me realize . . .
1-Pinkerton rocks even harder live.
2-The existence of the "Buddy Holly Effect". At each concert I am confident that they don't need to play Buddy Holly, I've heard it so many times, there's tons of other good stuff they could play instead, etc. But my resolve crumbles as they play the intro and by the time the verse begins, I cannot imagine being at a concert where it was not played. Not ever.
3-When Scott stands at a certain point on the stage, it appears that a spotlight is shining out of his head. For the most part an enjoyable evening, and as Rivers wanted, I am a girl and I was dancing." ---Heidi
  • "...I am only 15 and about two days ago I had pretty major knee surgery, I was completely mortified because I had bought Weezer tickets to the Camden, NJ show that was tonight (7-26-02). I have been in excruciating pain and there was no chance I was going to be allowed to go but I convinced my parents that I had to go. I went to the show on crutches and couldn't even walk and I was completed medicated on Perocet, a powerful narcotic. Once Weezer went on I forgot I had knee surgery, I simply had the best night of my life. I even walked to my car in the parking lot. I would just like to tell you my story and maybe you could pass it along to the guys with thanks and praise because they took me out of a lot of misery. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work." ---John Birk

special side stage note: Weezer drummer man Pat's other band The Special Goodness are joining the side stage acts for 6 shows, starting tomorrow in Maryland, and they are playing FIRST, so an early arrival is recommended for the full Enlightenment experience! Here are the respective door times and the start times for the 'SG'.

july 27 columbia md - merriweather post pavilion doors at 6; SG plays at 6:15
july 29 atlanta ga - hifi buys amphitheater doors at 5:30; SG plays at 5:45
july 30 nashville - am south amphitheater doors at 5:30; SG plays at 6:00
aug 1 houston tx - woods amphitheater doors at 5:30; SG plays at 6:15
aug 3 dallas tx - smirnoff amphitheater doors at 5:30; SG plays at 6:00
aug 4 san antonio - verizon amphitheater doors at5:30; SG plays at 6:15

Summer EP update: In the latest saga of The Lion and The Witch, we have decided to keep the ep an all live representation of 2002 World Cup Tour. Therefore, the latest studio version of "Keep Fishin'" will not be on the ep. We apologize. The release date and final track listing for The Lion and The Witch will be available shortly. [By that time, Scott should know the lyrics to "Holiday", heh heh] Also, we expect the total running time to be just south of the Green Album.

Karlscorner-letterman.jpgU.K. Letterman note:
...The Letterman show featuring Weezer playing "Keep Fishin'", is being shown In the UK tonight (Friday 26th) at midnight (Saturday very early morning) and again on Monday 29th at 7pm. [Not sure which channel viewers should be tuning into].

Radio note again!TOMORROW! Philadelphia area listeners, tune into Y-100 Saturday from Noon to 4 PM and again on Sunday from 8 PM to Midnight for WEEZER RADIO ON Y100! Pat, Rivers, Brian and Scott will take over Y100 and do their very own show, with handpicked tracks from their favorite bands. Plus, you know that Pat the Wil-dog must have been a DJ in another life, 'cause when he hits the mic, its gonna get funny. Sadly the Y-100 online stream isnt currently operational, so this radio takeover will only be available to those who can tune in the old fashioned way.