Karl's Corner - 08/20/2000

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Today the guys learned a new song down in the garage. They worked up the song, entitled "Live on the Edge" in several attempts, finally rocking it out after about half an hour of trying out some different feels. It sounded awesome! They will continue to rehearse it and other songs tommorow, and plan on introducing it to the public as soon as they feel its ready.

...Still no word from the "big name" producers as to what they thought of the guys' demo tape. They continue to meet with producers but are worried that some of the ones that they really wanted to hear from aren't interested. They learned for a fact that Brendan O'Brien is going to be busy with Korn for the coming months, and that Butch Vig is busy working on a new Garbage album for the time being, and will not be available. At this point the band is in a quandry over who they will end up with, and are hoping for some sort of miracle...

...On another front, now Mikey, having seen (and poached from) the pile of stickers that Rivers got from fans for his guitar, also wants (small-ish) stickers for his basses. Any stickers you could either toss up on stage or send (to the Portland, Oregon fanclub address inside of Pinkerton) would be much appreciated, and definately used on the guys' insturments!

...another lil' clip for y'all....oidreams819.mpg

...results of the "Do you like the Deftones?" Poll: (approx 415 responses) 55 precent "No", 45 percent "Yes". Thanks a lot for contributing!

...and finally, take this poll! I finally followed the advice of many helpful fans and got on the "real poll" tip. Just click the pic of the weez cd stash below to go take the poll: "What are your 10 favorite weezer songs?" (note, youll see that the choices include the 2 albums and most of the b-sides, but no "new" material and no "super rarites" like rivers 'solo show' songs , etc...)

...click above to take the poll...