Karl's Corner - 09/03/2002

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09/03/02 I have a bird that whistles and I have birds that sing

"...I am an avid listener to police scanners & police radio. This morning, an officer from the Hazlet, NJ department, called into headquarters to run a license plate check. While he was reading out the license plate, "Buddy Holly" was heard very clearly in the background." -tom

...photo alert: In addition to the BBC Radio 1 pix from the Reading festival, there are also some weez Reading photos on rollingstone.com here and here.

...Now, here's a really cool weezer "e-greeting". Its fun just to watch!

...also, over at Songlounge.com, there is a new interview with Rivers regarding songwriting. Songlounge is a website run by Eric Serrano, percussionist for the Offspring, that hosts a web based quarterly song contest. They award thousands in cash and prizes every three months to three of the songs submitted to them every quarter. To view the interview, go to songlounge.com and scroll down the page to where it says "Songlounge Interviews".

...dvd/not dvd...