Karl's Corner - 09/04/2002

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09/04/02 seems that the wrath of the gods got a punch on the nose

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • single:

some updated info on the keep fishin' singles that came out 2 days ago: The "Maxi CD #1" has a picture of Kermit on the cover, and the "Maxi CD#2" [uk only] has an image of two people fishing on the cover. [these images will be added to the discography page asap] Also, the mystery of the Dope Nose video on CD #2 has been solved. The video is NOT listed on the packaging, but is indeed present on the cd. When put into a cd-rom drive, a menu comes up allowing you to view the video. However, it is a Quicktime-only file, so if you dont have Quicktime, you may have to download it. Also, to answer some questions, the live tracks on these cd singles are all from the Japan World Cup Tour, the same shows that the tracks on "the Lion And the Witch" EP came from [just different songs and recordings]. Also, the 7" vinyl single was pressed on "its not easy being..." green vinyl! And here's a breif single review from NME.

  • radio:

...Krock NYC [their supplement to Battle of the Bands, "Sux or Rox" is on now, and your vote counts!]...94.7 the Zone [vote here to keep keep fishin in the top 20! Weekly voting ends on Fridays at 9PM CST]...107.7 the end Seattle [the blue and green albums were ranked number 14 and 61 respectively at 1077theend.com]...90.5 FM WBER "The Only Station That Matters" ["Keep Fishin'" is currently the #1 requested song on WBER, and has been holding that status for 3 weeks!]...101.1 xfm in Ottawa, Canada [on their "101 Biggest xfm bands of all time" countdown, Weezer came in at #26]...and in the UK, on XFM 104.9, 'Buddy Holly' came in at #37 on the 'X-List' (a list of X FM's listeners favourite all time songs, compiled and played every August Bank Holiday) ...Up to #37 from 'not on the chart' in one year!

Also, on bbc radio 1, the weezer Reading performance [we think] is scheduled to be broadcast on Monday Sept. 9, on the Lamacq Live show.

  • video:

MTV Canada: on last week's "Select" top 10 countdown show, Keep Fishin was #10!
Channel 4 Popworld, UK: played Keep Fishin' - but have they played the performance the band did there? Has anyone seen this?
Mtv Brazil: debuted on the "Riff" show, "...a punk/hardcore show...the vj said that keep fishin shows the new drummer, [making a joke about Animal replacing the kidnapped Pat]." They classified it as a "d+ video", which is apparently a top ranking! The video is scheduled to enter regular rotation in mid-late september.
College Television: currrently #2, your vote counts!
MuchMusic Canada: on the Much on Demand end of summer edition, Weezer were voted the number #1 song of summer...for "island in the sun".