Karl's Corner - 09/05/2002

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09/05/02 moon germs

Loveline tonight!...updated

At 10 PM PST tonight, [Thursday, Sept 5th] Pat and Scott are going to be on LoveLine, the nationally syndicated love advice radio program. As usual, this Loveline is a full 2 hours, and is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla.
update:The show is broadcast live at 10 PM Pacific time. Now, some stations around the country broadcast it live via satellite, (11 PM Mountain, 12 Midnight Central, 1 AM Eastern). But these stations ALSO broadcast a repeat of the previous night's episode, at 10 PM their own local times, and in SOME cases they also play the new one when its on live. But: some stations JUST play last nights repeat. So: if you are not in the Pacific Time zone, and are hearing some other guest when Loveline comes on at 10 local time, call your station and find out if they are playing todays Pat and Scott episode later tonight or not till tomorrow at 10PM local time.

Some of the major stations that carry the show are: KROQ-FM Los Angeles, WKQX-FM Chicago, KITS-FM San Francisco, WHFS-FM Washington DC, KEGL-FM Dallas, WKLS-FM Atlanta, WXTB-FM Tampa, KQBZ-FM Seattle, and WEDG 'the Edge' Buffalo NY. Its on a lot more stations than that though, so check your local station for info. This is guarenteed high entertainment, folks! Pat and Scott on Loveline!? Are you kidding me? I know I'll be tuning in!