Karl's Corner - 09/06/2002

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09/06/02 getting what you want, losing what you got

The Loveline Report! Tales from the evening of September 5th...updated 9/10

  • Part 1: The Good "...Tonight I went to westwood 1 studios were they record loveline in hopes of meeting the guys. When I arrived I was suprised to see that there were already like 16 people there, but it was really cool because these 4 people quickly welcome my friend and I as we were "real fans" as they put it. (there were some guys there looking for signatures to sell on ebay.) We hung out for a while, and the band was late getting into the studio because the driver of their car got lost on the way to scotts house. By the time the guys showed up the guys just looking to make a buck had left, and only weezies remained. At the first break pat and scott came down and took pictures with everyone, as well as signed everything we had. (Pat was even cool enough to make sure that everyone got what they wanted before he left!)" ---Josh [pix below]


...also, more fan pix here...

  • Part 2: The Bad "...oh man i had a terrible night. i went at 8pm to kroq studios in compton to try to see scott and pat. i parked my car in the ghetto lot next to the station and scoped out the surroundings with my friend. we decided to jump the heavily spiked fence into the station and we walked around while dodging survelliance cameras and security. then to our horror, at 11:40 we asked a guy about love line and we find out the weez is at a different location!! so we didn't give up, i called my bro to go online and find the westwood1 studios where pat and scott were and i drove madly to the station. to my super, big, deep, sadness i arrive and they had just left....sigh..." ---andrew

  • Part 3: The Radio "...hey i was on loveline last night...i just thought i might say what darn genuinely cool guys pat and scott are. i called up and had a blast talkin to them...unable to contain my sheer joy, i just ended up sounding like an idiot. but i asked them a few questions, like what's the most rewarding thing about being in weezer, what was there fave songs to perform live, and since i'm getting my first electric guitar, what do they reccomend. then the dj Stryker said "okay since you're such a huge weezer fan, we're gonna let you pick the other song we're gonna play off of maladroit". i was totally thrilled, and chose Take Control, cuz i just think everybody needs to hear that song. A fellow fan who was waiting outside the studio said everyone cheered when i requested it. rock!" ---=w=andrea=w=

..these pix courtesy SK..

As for the question of actually hearing the performance, it appears that the stations that carry the show in the Pacific and Mountain time zones all played it live. However, most stations in the Central and Eastern time zones, like Chicago's Q101 for example, will be airing the show on Sunday the 7th. Check with your local station for details, and good luck!

...Meanwhile, the last few nights Rivers has been spotted at both the Glass House in Pomona, and The Key Club in Hollywood, checking out and hanging out with Ozma.

...Currently there is a two and half minute interview with Brian from 1996, up on triple j's website.

...UK Channel 4 'Popworld' update: as it turns out, Weezer's performance of Keep Fishin' was played on Sept 1st. This is the one wherein Rivers wore the special wig, seen in the pictures from Aug 21. However, they apparently misspelled weezer as 'wheezer' and called the song "Gone Fishin'"!