Karl's Corner - 09/08/2002

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09/08/02 maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' stuff:

  • single:

on the UK singles chart, Keep Fishin' debuted at #29.

  • video:

Much Music Canada: keep fishin' landed the number 8 spot on much music's end of summer countdown

  • radio:

calgary's cjay 92 [at #1 on the "top 8 at 8" for 2 nights in a row]
Radio 1 UK: tomorrow, [Monday the 9th], weezer's set from the Reading Festival will be broadcast on 'Lamacq Live'. The broadcast starts at 8 PM.

...weez press:
a reminder that in the October issue of [adults only, sorry!] Playboy, there is an interview with Rivers, which mostly focuses on Maladroit ...and the Olsen twins?!?

Several weez bits have cropped up in the new issue of Spin [White Stripes cover]. First off, the letters page focused on the cover feature on the weez from earlier in the summer, and some fans got in their opinions. Nice! Then the weezer "Rock" panties that were on the online store a while back were featured in a piece on, er, rock n roll undies. Finally, 'Pinkerton' got props in the "College Life 101" section, as on of the "Albums [that] May Save Your Life"

The Zia Records in store magazine had a weezer article in their August issue [sadly already off the shelves, and not yet archived at ziarecords.com - but hopefully soon]. It was a cover story [the green car photo], and the article is by Gary Graff, entitled "Emo in Motion", and apparently focuses more on the bands business decisions than any discussion of Emo...

The new WWE Raw magazine is their first annual "Hot" issue where wrestlers were asked what they thought was "Hot" on a variety of different subjects, one of which was "Hot CD." Pro Wrestler Edge put "Maladroit" at the top of his list of three. [thanks elseanio]

In the Liverpool Daily Mail [UK], they talked about tomorrows Lamacq Live broadcast: "In Weezer's world there are oddball characters trying to make a sense of an insane society. At least, that seems to be what the group's enigmatic main songwriter Riverz Cuomo is alluding to with song titles such as 'slob', and 'death and destruction'. It's probably for the most part autobiographical. After the band's initial success, nearly a decade ago, in a style reminiscent of Nirvana and Beck, Cuomo returned to Havard to finish his English literature degree. Then he went back to his day job as a rock star, and has kept the geek flame alive with graceful power pop tunes that belie their disturbed subject matter. Here, we hear a performance from Weezer recorded at this summer's Reading Festival."

...web thing: on music.com weezer is currently ranked #13.

...fan announcements:
Toronto Weezerfest details:
"Date: Saturday, September 14/2002
Where: Paramount Canada's Wonderland
When: 11:30 at the front gates (Look for the flying w signs)
What?!?!?: Weezer fans taking over the park and having fun all while obssessing about the weez.
email weezerca@rogers.com or wink_293@hotmail.com for info.

Weezer Cycling Team! "In the middle of September we will be riding in an event called the MS150. It is a two day 150 mile bike race meant to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Each of us hope to raise $400. We are from Southern Illinois about 20 minutes from St. Louis. We thought that we should let you know where we are from in case you get any other Weezer fans interested in cycling. If they are in the St. Louis area pass them on to us. They could even possibly join our team. The MS150 is coming up and we plan on riding in other rides as Team Weezer, so the more the merrier. Our emails are: cdrury@siue.edu and whiterg47@yahoo.com. We hope to spread the Weezer love throughout the back roads of Missouri and Illinois." ---Chris and Rob