Karl's Corner - 09/10/2002

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09/10/02 looks like another love T.K.O.

...see the 9/6 report below for several new pix of pat and scott doing loveline!

...today I flew to L.A. to join up with the guys to do the DVD voice-over stuff on Wednesday. I can report that air travel on 9/10 was pretty darn normal as far as I could tell.

...BBC Update: okay heres the scoop on checking out the archived BBC1 broadcast of weezer's Reading Festival performance. Go here. Assuming you have RealPlayer, it will automatically start up, and you can use the slider bar to go directly to the start of the show. Its a 4 hour broadcast, and the weezer performance starts at 2 hours and 8 minutes into it.

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • radio: while momentum has slowed a bit, the single held fast at #16 last week on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, and is now in its 10th week on the chart! Its been quite a run to date, and many thanks go out to everyone for their requests and support!

- Phillipines radio: being played frequently on NU 107.5FM- "THE HOME OF NEW ROCK" -but hasn't made the countdown yet. "all the DJs talk about how "cute" the music video is with all the muppets and stuff."

  • video:

MTV2: 9/9 control freak: Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott: 11 percent. Ludacris: 14 percent. "Keep Fishin'": 75 percent!
MTV Philippines: "being shown like twice a day, but they "refuse" to put it on the weekly countdown."
MTV Brazil: Weezer is currently "Band of the Week"!! They´ll show clips, interviews and the Debut of "Keep Fishin" on Supernova, the most popular rock show. "...They are making a big deal of this, always saying how cool and fun the clip is and stuff...You guys are getting pretty famous around here..."

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch: Update
"...On Monday, Sept 23rd, the Record Archive on East Ave. in Rochester, NY will open at 10pm in honor of the release of the Lion and the Witch EP. Local geekrock kings FMGreen will perform from 10:30pm right up until midnight when the store will release the EP. There will be giveaways and free food, all Rochester area =w=/FMGreen fans are urged to attend! It will be a great party! If you have any questions, go to FMGreen.net..." ---_steve_

...weez press
update: The Zia Records in store magazine had a weezer article in their August issue [sadly already off the shelves, and not yet archived at ziarecords.com - but hopefully soon]. It was a cover story [the green car photo], and the article is by Gary Graff, entitled "Emo in Motion". A helpful fan has mirrored the article here!

...free weezer e-cards [quite funny just to watch!] here.

...over at launch.com, theyve got this student themed thing going on, featuring weezer and a bunch of other... "school-rock"(??) bands.

...on ChannelOne.com, Weezer is in a heated voter driven battle for the top spot on the "all request Thursday" segment! Your vote counts, and its really close! click on the "All Request Thursday" link to get to the voting area.