Karl's Corner - 09/11/2002

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09/11/02 never forget


"...I was looking at the 9/11 memorial quilt online, and saw that on "patch" 192 it says weezer and gives the location ohio....I thought it was really cool and it meant a lot to see the name there both as a U.S. citizen and a New Yorker who lost a cousin in the towers (Dennis J. McHugh III)." ---Matthew D.

* * *

Karlscorner-weezdvd.jpgDVD update:
Today was DVD voice-over day, at a studio in Hollywood. We started out with Pat, Scott and I talking over the regular videos. Then Brian joined us and we did a bunch of the special live and studio pieces for a while, finally returning to the regular videos to try a second pass with Brian in the mix. It was super funny at times! Pat and Brian both remembered some really interesting things as the tapes played footage that they hadnt seen in years, and in many cases had never seen before. Some of the stuff was new to everyone, as 'till today I've still been editing it! Scott had some really cool comments about the videos and stuff that predated his membership in the band, and some hilarious comments about the recent stuff. Overall the vibe was really nice. Finally, after about 5 or 6 hours we wrapped it up. Next comes the editing, where any 'inappropriate' comments are taken out, and best takes are chosen of the ones where we did it twice.

...Also, Milo the toy chihuahua paid a visit, and shivered for a while.



Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch: Update
today we finally got to hold the finished Lion and The Witch EP in our hands and put it in a cd player. It turned out really cool! We found out that a feature we had hoped for, but weren't sure if they would be able to do became reality: the 25,000 cd run of EP's are individually numbered from #00001 to #25000! [much like the 'Maladroit' CD was numbered up to 600,000].

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